What the brand says: Batiste refreshes your hair between washes, leaving it feeling gorgeously clean and fresh with added Body and texture. No water required! When to use? When you know you will be washing your hair later in the day. When heading out straight from college/work. When your hair has gone a bit limp during the day and it needs a quick perk up. When your fringe is looking a bit greasy. After you have dried & styled your hair but is still lacking a bit of life. Before putting hair up to give it a bit more grip. It’s also great for use as a styling aid as it adds texture and grip.

BATISTE DRY SHAMPOOPackaging: Batiste dry shampoo comes in standard pressurized deodorant spray can. The can is pretty sky blue in colour and is travel friendly.

Texture: The dry shampoo is very cold since it is pressurized just like any deodorant and forms a whitish granulated residue when sprayed on skin. Although, it blends very well when sprayed on hair or scalp so that won’t be a problem.

Fragrance: The dry shampoo has a fresh pleasant fragrance.

BATISTE DRY SHAMPOOHow I use and after-effects: I use this in between washes since I only wash my hair once a week and when my hair feels limp or oily (thanks to gym). To use, make partitions in your hair and spray lightly over scalp and hair especially on the crown. Massage hair and scalp for few seconds and you are done.

Hair instantly feels light and bouncy and the oiliness vanishes. My hair always felt sweaty and gross after workouts and eventually felt a bit greasy on the 3-4th day of hair washing, but this dry shampoo takes care of the oiliness really well. This dry hair shampoo comes handy when you don’t really want to wash your hair. Overall, a great dry shampoo that does not cause hair build up at all and keeps hair fresh and dry for approx. 2-3 days.



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