BENEFIT COSMETICS - BROW ZINGS EYEBROW SHAPING KITPackaging: The product comes in a really cute flip open case containing an eyebrow shaping pigmented wax, setting powder, discreet tweezers, hard angle brush and a blending brush.

Texture: The wax feels like beeswax and not at all sticky. The setting powder is extremely light and soft and sets the brows perfectly.

Shade: I got the shade ‘Dark which is the darkest of all and will suit all Indian dark eyebrows.

BENEFIT COSMETICS - BROW ZINGS EYEBROW SHAPING KITHow I use and after-effects: To use, you have to shape the eyebrows using the wax and set it with the powder. First, pluck any extra hair around your brows using the tweezers provided. Use hard angled brush to apply wax on the eyebrows carefully since it is pigmented.  After you are done applying the wax, use the powder to set it and fill in the brows with the blending brush. That’s it!

BENEFIT COSMETICS - BROW ZINGS EYEBROW SHAPING KITMy eyebrows look beautiful after I use this, even though they are thick and dense naturally! I can clearly see the difference since it fills in the gaps so well and shapes your eyebrows taking it to the whole new level! Brows stay that way without the powder feathering off all-day-long until you remove it with a makeup remover. Eyebrows don’t get stiff which is the best part and they look really natural. Great for occasions and can be used everyday too!


Reader Rating1 Vote4.95
Travel friendly
Entire brow grooming essentials in one kit
Easy to use
Great for first time users
Stays all day long
Looks natural
eyebrows do not get stiff and stay soft
Very expensive!
I am really happy with this cute little kit that contains a wax, powder, 2 brushes and a tweezer! The entire magic to create perfect brows in one cute case. Highly recommend!
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