What the brand says: Go deliciously nude, soft shades for a fresh, natural-looking glow. The pocket-size lip & cheek kit includes an iconic tint, award-winning cheek colour, luscious lip gloss and sexy highlighter so you can add a pop of colour to your look-morning, noon or night. The kit contains a mini version of Benetint, High Beam, Sugarlicious Blush and a Sugarlicious lip gloss.


Packaging: The kit comes in a pretty sturdy carboard box with magnetic closure. The box also contains a mirror inside alone with the products neatly arranges in the carboard moulds. You can also remove the cardboard tray and save the keepsake box for your little treasures.

Contents: The box contains the following:

  • BENEFIT Deluxe benetint mini, 4.0 mL, 0.13 US fl. Oz

Benetint is a top rated lip and cheek stain that gives a flush of sheer raspberry stain to your cheeks and lips. This rose-tinted stain is kiss-proof and the see-through colour for lips & cheeks lasts for hours.


Packaging: The tint comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a screw-cap and wand with stiff brush applicator.

Texture and fragrance: The tint looks, feels and smells just like beetroot juice diluted in little water.

Shade: This ‘Rose-Tinted’ lip and cheek stain looks just like beetroot juice like I mentioned and gives a beautiful natural rosy pink hue to the cheeks and lips that is 100% transfer proof once dried.

How I use and staying power: I am not a tint person as I am more into darker lipsticks but I do prefer natural looking blush. The tint gives a beautiful rosy hue to the cheeks; so natural that people would actually think you have a natural flush. It also works great as a lip tint which is totally transfer-proof once it dries. This tint is great when you don’t have to do makeup but still wish to look good- like in the gym! The only con with this tint is that it won’t show much colour on pigmented lips and if you have a pigmented lip line, it certainly won’t look good.

  • BENEFIT Deluxe high beam mini, 4.0 mL, 0.13 US fl. Oz

This satiny pink liquid highlighter accents cheek & brow bones for a dewy glow. Use as a spot highlighter over makeup or wear under complexion products for subtle luminescence.


Packaging: The liquid highlighter comes in a plastic bottle with screw cap. The wand has a brush applicator which is perfect for application.

Texture: The satiny pink highlighter is very creamy and blends well too without looking patchy. Once it sets, it does not budge or fade.

Fragrance: The highlighter has a mild sweet smell which is pleasant.

How I use and staying power: To use, simply make 2-3 dots on the cheek bones and brow bone and blend using fingers or a dense bristled brush. The highlighter gives a subtle glow when blended properly; if you do not blend it well, it may look whitish on dark or medium skin. The glow is not amazingly luminescent like the Mary Lou Manizer  but is subtle and gives a very natural finish. Overall a very good highlighter for everyday use.

  • BENEFIT Sugarbomb, 3.0 g net wt. 0.1 oz.

Swirl the four shimmering shades of peach, soft plum, pink and rose together and sweep powder on cheeks for a natural radiance. Includes a soft, natural-bristle brush.


Packaging: The lip gloss comes in a transparent squeeze-tube which is travel friendly.

Texture: The lip gloss is creamy and sets to a creamy-shiny finish.

Shade: Sugarbomb lipgloss is a nude shade. It is sheer and nude so actually cannot see anything on my lips since it matches my lip colour!

Fragrance: The lipgloss has a very sweet smell which is pleasant and not OTT.

How I use and staying power: To use, simply slather a layer on your lips and you are done. The lipgloss is very sheer and on top of that, it is nude which absolutely does not show up on my lips. I tried it on my friend’s lips too and results are the same. The lip-gloss is great for a subtle shine but the pigment is very sheer. The lip-gloss only gives a polished look to your lips. I always prefer some colour even if it’s light, so this lip-gloss I do not like. You can certainly use this as a top coat too on top of any pigmented nude lipstick and it works well. Since it’s a gloss, it does transfer readily but you can always reapply.

BENEFIT Sugarbomb

  • Ultra plush sugarbomb lip gloss, 6.5 mL, 0.22 US fl. Oz

The plush gloss glides on extra smooth and feel ahhh-mazing. It comes in soft-squeeze tube with a custom tip designed for perfectly even application.


Packaging: The blush comes in a pan attached to the carton box in the kit, while It comes in a cardboard sturdy box in full version with magnetic closure.

Texture: The blush is powdery and blends easily into the skin.

Shade: The blush contains 4 shades in one from peach, pink, deep pink to coral. You can use them individually or swirl the applicator brush on all for a subtle pink glow. The blush is shimmery and not very pigmented and works more as a highlighter.

How I use and staying power: You can use individual shades or simply swirl the brush for a light coral shade with subtle glow. I usually prefer dark maroon or pink blushes and apply them with light hands when I want subtle flush or layer to make it darker when I have to go for a function. This blush is very light and is not pigmented, but it works more like a highlighter. The blush is pretty and can be used for natural makeup look. Since the colours are not at all pigmented, I feel this blush would work amazing on fair skin but won’t be prominent on medium to dark skin tones. Since I am medium skin toned, you cannot really make out if I am wearing any blush but the glow is visible due to its subtle shimmer.  Overall, a decent blush with great quality of adding glow to your face.

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