What the brand says: A new generation growth promoting mascara that not only curls lashes but also helps grow them by accelerating the natural growth process! Have features like:

  • The lashes growth increases by 1mm per month
  • The eyelashes appear numerous, thicker and denser
  • Decrease of number of lashes lost after make-up removal
  • 3 times more efficient, due to the encapsulation of the active

COLORBAR 30 DAYS GROWTH BOOSTER MASCARAPackaging: The mascara comes in the usual colorbar mascara tubes with that mirror effects/shine.

Texture: The mascara is very creamy and applies without any clumping. Takes little time to dry but once it dries, lashes do not feel stiff and look natural.

How I use and staying power: Since this is a growth booster mascara that claims to make your lashes long by 1mm in 30 days, I decided to use it every single day for a month to see if it actually works and here are my thoughts:

The mascara first of all isn’t waterproof so you have to be careful while washing your face; and here comes the first thought- how many times are you going to be careful since you would be applying this for 30 days and we do wash our faces several times a day! The mascara does smudge readily when it comes in contact with water and certainly does give you racoon eyes (as in my case!). Secondly, The mascara does not have any curling or lengthening effect, infact nobody would ever realise that you have a mascara on which makes me think why would you even use this outside? Like, there are many better mascaras out there in the market. Now the final and most important question to myself- did this even lengthen my lashes? *drumrolls* NO, it did not even a bit! I was expecting to see atleast a minute change but I would not lie to myself and you readers out there, this mascara is a dud. I find no reason to use this and it’s just going to lie in my makeup bag maybe.

If you have used this and saw any results, please let us know in the comments below.

The mascara is a total waste of money, had it shown some curling or lengthening effect like usual mascaras, I would at least have used it occasionally. You can totally give this a miss.
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Gives a natural look
Pretty packaging
Does not Boost lash growth
Smudges readily due to sweat, oil or water
No lengthening or curling effects
Expensive (and not worth the money)

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