COLORBAR WONDER GEL NAIL LACQUERS Packaging: The nail polish comes in really sturdy glass cube-shaped bottles.

Texture: The art effects nail polish in shimmer shades feel granulated while the plain ones with less of shimmer feels like a regular nail polish.

COLORBAR WONDER GEL NAIL LACQUERS Shade: I got 2 shades in this- ‘First Date’ and ‘Charcoal Clap’. ‘First Date’ is a pretty golden shimmery shade with golden granulated shimmer particles in it while the ‘Charcoal Clap’ is a dark-grey coloured nail polish with very fine rainbow-colured shimmer. Both the shades are beautiful especially the golden one that looks like some kind of nail art.

Staying power: The nail polishes are beautiful and I loved both the shades! Not only the shades are amazing but the effect it gives to the nails look like some kind of manicure or nail art done. If you ask me, my favourite one is the ‘First Date’ since I love the texture and it stays like forever. Both the nail polishes stay as it is for more than a week and even beyond that! The dark one is easy to remove since it does not have granulated shimmer but the golden shimmery shade is a bit tough to remove and you need 2 cotton balls for one nail! Overall, I love these shades and the art-like-effect that it gives.


  • Pretty packaging
  • Look like expensive nail arts
  • Easy to apply due to a stiff brush
  • Very long-lasting
  • Varieties to choose from
  • Inexpensive



  • The shimmery ones are a bit tough to remove





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