What the brand says: A moisturizing, crystal-infused lip balm that can be used alone or as an opalescent topper for your favorite lippie!  The lip balms contain their respective crystals infused in them.


colourpp crystal balm- all shades review


Packaging: The lip balms come in a classy white sturdy tube colour coded at the bottom. The lip balms are white in the tube but you can see the shimmery metallic shade when light hits the lip balm!


Texture: The lip balms are very moisturizing and keeps lip incredibly soft.

Shade: There are a total of 4 shades in the range, summary on each is given below-

Aventurine: The shade is like a shimmery emerald green but not very pigmented. When used alone, gives a glowy and shimmery metallic green shade to the lips (which I am not a big fan of) and when used on top of a lipstick, gives it a green sheen.

Rose Quartz: The shade is rose gold and looks really pretty when used alone and also as a lip-topper. Gives any lipstick a beautiful rose gold sheen.


Amethyst: This is a metallic lavender shade and will look good alone on fair skin tones. Can be used as a topper on most of dark lipsticks.

Aquamarine: This lip balm has a proper blue hue and looks quite weird alone on the lips. Can be used on lipsticks but still looks weird to me!

colourpp crystal balm- all shades review


Fragrance: The lip balms don’t really have a dominant fragrance but they all smell fresh.

How I use and staying power: To use, use it alone on the lips or apply it on top of your favorite lipsticks for an attractive sheen.

I love how moisturizing these lip balms are and how comfortable they feel on the lips. They do transfer but do not smudge your lipsticks like most of the top coats or glosses. I personally like rose quartz the most since it looks good alone and on lipsticks both. This particular shade will go well with all skin tones. Other shades, you need to be careful with the amount you apply or it looks too shimmery and patchy also because the shades are different then the usual lip colours. The lip balms keep lips very soft and I also love to use them 5 minutes before I use a matte lipstick (of course after wiping it off) and the matte lipsticks goes on smoothly. They are of great quality, even better than most of the high-end expensive lip balms! and I am not even kidding you!

colourpop crystal balms review
Top to bottom: Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Aquamarine.


  • Travel friendly
  • Great quality
  • Looks great on lips alone (pink and lavender)
  • Can be used on top of any lipstick for an attractive sheen
  • Sturdy packaging


  • Some shades might look a bit weird alone
  • Not easily available in India
  • Might look patchy if you apply a lot




    • You can order from colourpop website. Customs depend on location and what you have ordered. Hope this helps 🙂


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