What the brand says: Now get your unruly mane an instant makeover with the Corioliss Hot Brush 3 in 1 Digital Heat Brush. Designed with gently massaging, heat-protective bristles, this innovative brush glides effortlessly through hair, easily detangling strands while straightening. It also infuses hair with luminous shine and cuts down on overall styling time.

CORIOLISS HAIR STRAIGHTENER HOT BRUSHBenefits: An innovative way to straighten hair is by using hairbrush straighteners, that do everything that your favorite brush and straightener would do — leaving you with smooth, shiny and frizz-free hair.

About the brush: The brush comes in variety of colors and I got the brush in white. It’s a hair brush with special bristles that heat up, thereby smoothing down the hair as it’s being combed. The outer bristles don’t heat up to protect so that we won’t accidentally burn ourselves. While the center of the brush has thick flat bristles.  The red silicon beads on top of the bristles are there to protect your scalp from being burnt.

CORIOLISS HAIR STRAIGHTENER HOT BRUSHThe handle has an LED lit panel that helps you identify the temperature of the brush. The brush heats up from 80 to 230 degrees Centigrade. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you can adjust the temperature to ensure that you won’t damage your hair while using the product. On the handle are also three switches, the Power Button (small circle on the left), the Plus Button and the Minus Button to adjust the temperature.


How to use:

The first time I used the brush, I just used it like a normal hair brush which lead to hair breakage. So the next time I used it, I followed these steps –

  • Ensure that your hair is completely dry and detangled.
  • Section off your hair to make it easier to straighten.
  • Turn on the brush and put it on a medium temperature, gradually increase the temperature if needed.
  • Take a small section of your hair and go under the hair, with the bristles of the brush facing upwards instead of using the brush like a normal hair brush. Ensure that your hair gets deep into the inner area of the brush. This helps to straighten the hair effectively and reduces any hair breakage.

My hair looks shiny, smooth and straightened with bounce. The massaging heat protection bristles are safe to use and don’t burn the scalp. You can also use the hair brush in your hot oil treatment as the silicon bristles gently massage the scalp and helps the oil penetrate into your scalp.

The downside to the brush is that, the temp control buttons are exactly where your thumb will be when you hold the brush which makes the temperature shift up and down without you intending to. The rubber bristles can pull your hair and cause hair breakage if not used with care.



  • Heats up quickly and easy to use
  • Different temperature settings
  • 1hour automatic shut-off
  • Massaging heat protection bristles
  • Hairs look naturally straight and bouncy
  • Smooth, shiny and frizz-free hair


  • Can cause hair breakage
  • Expensive


Price: Rs. 3999

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