What the brand says: This complete travel brush set includes 11 professionally designed makeup brushes for all your makeup needs. Use them at home or on the go! Comes with a sleek case that holds all 11 brushes. Carry all of these brushes without taking up a lot of space.



Packaging: The brushes come neatly arranged in a makeup bag. Brushes with dense bristles have a plastic covering that helps keep the bristles in good condition and also prevent the bag from getting messy from makeup residues on the brush. The bag is travel friendly.

Texture: The brushes have amazingly soft and dense bristles that are packet together so you achieve a flawless finish.

Types of brushes and description: The brush set consists of the below 11 brushes-

Eyeshadow ‘C’ Brush- This is a curved flat brush which is perfect for applying eye shadows. The ‘C’ shape makes it easy to apply eye shadows near to lash line and also to create a smokey eye look.

Small Angled Brush- This brush has a flat and thin edge with an angle which makes it perfect for applying eye liners and also to line your lips.

Small Precision Brush- This brush is quite similar to the ‘small angled brush’ but is without any angle and has a ‘C’ curve instead. This brush is perfect for applying highlighter or eye shadow in the inner corner of your eyes. Can also be used to apply highlighter on the center of your nose and on the cupid’s bow.


Small Smudge Brush- This brush is quite similar to the ‘small precision brush’ but has comparatively shorter bristles. This brush is perfect to smudge out the gel liner or eye shadow.

Complexion Brush- This is my favorite and most used brush from the collection. The bristles are dense, soft and very fluffy and perfect for applying setting powder or dusting away excess powders from the face.

Fan Brush- This brush has fan-like shaped bristles and perfectly applies shimmer powder or highlighter on the cheek bones.

Powder Brush- This brush is dense and thick and is flat from the end. Can be used to apply powder makeup like blush, bronzer etc.

Angled Foundation Brush- This brush has an angle but is dense and perfect for applying cream and liquid foundations. Apply foundation on the skin and blend it using this brush in long outward strokes. I do not like using brushes for foundation as I feel beauty blender works the best!

Concealer Brush- The bristles of this brush are quite stiff yet soft which makes it easy to build up concealer over any dark spot or imperfections.

Blush Brush- This brush too is fluffy and applies cream and powder blush perfectly. Out of all the blush brushes I have used till date, this has worked the best!

Contour Brush- I first thought this brush was for contouring but as per the brand description, this brush as to be used to blend out eye shadow and to apply it onto your lids.

My Take on the brush kit: I regularly do makeup and hence, makeup brushes of every type are important for a perfect finish. The brushes are extremely soft and dense and fluffy at the same time. The collection has every kind of brush to complete a perfect makeup look; you can apply flawless base, create a great winged eye, smokey eyes or dove eye look, apply brush and highlighter easily, blend everything up and also set everything with the fluffy complexion brush. Also, the kit isn’t bulky or anything so you can easily carry it around with yourself and also store it. The brushes that you most use like the powder brush, highlighter brush, foundation brush etc. Come with a plastic topper to prevent the bag from getting messy. Also, one thing I observed about the brushes is that they do not get messy easily like the real techniques brushes I used till date! Even after using the blush brush and complexion brush for more than 2 times, they still look very clean and unused-you just need to dust away the blush and powder residues and you are done. I give this brush collection a thumbs up!


  • Travel friendly
  • Great quality
  • Dense and fluffy bristles
  • Do not get messy easily
  • Protective plastic covering secures the bristles and keep them hygienic
  • Inexpensive considering you are getting 11 brushes that too from a brand called E.L.F!
  • All the brushes work great!
  • Each brush has its printed name on it so you know the use of each brush which makes usage easy


  • None!




PRICE: INR 4196/-



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