Lash extensions are getting quite popular and they are a perfect option for those who want natural looking long lashes without the hassle of using a glue and wearing falsies every time you prepare to head out somewhere. Lash extensions isn’t an option for everyone especially if you are a bit tight on budget; you can instead opt for mink false lashes and that’s what I have been using for the past few days!


If you are in a lookout for a good quality and super natural looking mink false lashes, look no further than these false eyelashes! (they have worldwide shipping). They have a range of lash types specific for every eye shape and desired volume, I picked up 3 types ranging from light to medium volume and below is a summary on each:


Now, this one has light volume which makes it perfect for regular use. Even if the lash is all natural looking and light, it still can give a beautiful winged out effect without looking dramatic.

Price: $28 USD


This one has medium volume that can add a dense lash effect without looking too obvious though. It has a unique combination of criss-cross and straight strands that beautifully mix up with your natural lashes offering a balanced yet ultra-sexy look! I love using this during a casual day-out and not just for the special events because it isn’t really dramatic and looks beautiful and not over-done.

Price: $29 USD


Celestial has medium volume just like Lashlorette but has longer strands comparatively which makes it perfect for functions and special events. Because the lash has a dense winged out effect, it looks full volume and is great for a perfect dramatic look.

Price: $32 USD


The lashes are of really good quality and are handcrafted with premium mink hairs, and a soft cotton band. They need to be trimmed according to your preferable length before using and feel really comfortable. If you are someone who has never used lashes before, you might need a few tries to get a hang of the product. Since I have never used lashes before, I had to remove and reapply until I felt comfortable, just make sure you are applying them very close to your natural lash line so it doesn’t feel odd or weird. Also, if you have long nails like mine, application can get a bit tricky so use a tweeter or lash applicator to hold the lashes.


You need to use a glue to stick the lash and it is sold separately on Equido website.  The Esqido eyelash glue too is of great quality and comes with a thin brush applicator that makes application really easy. Lashes stay in place all day long, literally and won’t really come off even if you have a habit of using facial mists throughout the day. Also, they are pretty easy to remove, simply use a cotton swab dipped in oil-free eye makeup remover- dab along the lash band to dissolve the glue and continue until entire lash strip comes off. Peeling away the lash is definitely satisfying but it damages the product and can cause shedding. Also, always remove lash glue from the band after use. The case that it comes with is great to store the lashes and keep them clean and free from dust. Overall, the lashes are great and I love them; I am never going back to mascara!



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