What the brand says: Each luscious, shimmering shade changes according to your body chemistry for a truly personalized and pearlized lip color. The gorgeous sheen of color with its natural moisturizing and 12-hour long-lasting powers take you from day to night and won’t wear off, even when eating, drinking or kissing!



Packaging: The lipsticks come in a plastic tube which is not of great quality or sturdy. Nevertheless, The lipsticks are travel friendly.

Texture: The lipsticks are easy to apply because of easy-to-glide nature and are not overly soft.

Shade: I got 4 shades from this range, here is a summary on them:

  • Purple: This shade starts off with a light blue hued shimmery lipstick and develops into a pink lipstick (and not pinkish-purple as claimed) with metallic/shimmery film.
  • Light Blue: This shade starts off with a pinkish shimmery shade and develops into a darker pink with metallic/shimmery film.
  • Green:This shade starts too starts off with a very light pink hued metallic film and develops into a dark pink/burgundy shade with little shimmer and not red as claimed.
  • Pink: This shade looks light pink initially and develops into a deeper baby pink with shimmery film.

All the lipsticks have shimmery/metallic film but if you desire an opaque colour without a metallic look, you can wipe off the top layer (which eventually goes away after meals anyhow).

Fragrance: The lipsticks don’t really have any particular fragrance.

How I use and staying power: To use, simply swipe the lipstick multiple times on the lips and wait for few minutes for the colour to develop.

The lipsticks feel moisturizing at first because of the product layer but as it keeps transferring, lips feel dry; in that case you can apply a lip balm throughout the day with stain still intact. The lipstick develops into a light pink colour (in case all the 4 shades I got!) and keeps darkening throughout the day. The top shimmery layer transfers but the deep pink stain stays intact whatsoever. The stain is totally non-transferable and wont come off even with the best makeup remover. I had to apply a thick layer of lip balm before sleeping and wiped it off in the morning along with a bit of coconut oil massage to remove the product entirely. If you have chapped lips, the stain will take longer to come off since it would settle into the cracks and look weird. The lipsticks are great if you have a long day out or need a long lasting and smudge-proof lipstick !


  • Stays all day long
  • 100% waterproof and smudge-proof
  • Inexpensive
  • Gives a subtle metallic sheen (can be wiped off if you want a non-metallic colour)
  • Feels moisturizing on the lips


  • Tough to remove
  • Packaging is not of great quality
  • All lipsticks ended up looking pink!



Content Editor at littlereviews.com. Surabhi Pisal is a Microbiologist who found love in blogging and writing little reviews.


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