What the brand says: Now smooth skin is just a shave away! The all new Gillette Venus Breeze razor for women is the secret to a time saving shave. It is built with flexible shave gel bars and contains rich body butters for a light lather. A smooth glide that makes no need for separate shave gel or soap.


Packaging: The razor comes in a plastic pack along with the blade packed seperately. Attaching and detaching the blade is very easy. The razor/blade has gel bars on it that makes shaving easy with little water.

Fragrance: The gel bars smell floral and pleasant. Your skin too can smell a bit floral for sometime.

How I use and staying power: To use, simply wet the razor and your legs and shave gently with light pressure. Repeat if needed, pat dry and moisturize if required.

GILLETTE VENUS BREEZE RAZOR REVIEWThe razor is very easy to use, like you do not need soap or any shaving gel- just little water and you are done. The gel bars lather very less but is enough for a smooth shave. The blade head moves according to the body shape which prevents any nicks and cuts. The gel bars gets sticky and melts away a little after every use which means it is not long lasting- you can use this only until the gel bars are intact. Also, if you are travelling, you cannot carry this in your bag if you have already used it because the bars will make everything sticky. The razor is very easy to use, makes skin very soft and smooth but the only con is that the gel bars wont last long especially if you regularly and frequently use it. It makes skin very soft and moisturized even if you have cracked or dry skin. Overall, the razor is good but make sure you always keep it upright in a holder or a cup to avoid a sticky situation on the surface it comes in contact with.


Pretty packaging
No need for a shaving gel or foam
Moisturizes and hydrates the skin
Shaves even the tiny hair
Has a pleasant fragrance
No nicks or cuts


Won’t last long
The gel bars soften in hot humid weather
Makes a sticky mess if kept on any surface, so keep it upright in a mug or holder




Content Editor at littlereviews.com. Surabhi Pisal is a Microbiologist who found love in blogging and writing little reviews.


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