JUST HERBS HERBAL HENNA PLUS REVIEW – enriched with certified organic Neem, Hibiscus and Indian Gooseberry


What the brand says: An intense colouring and conditioning hair pack which provides a wholesome nourishment to the scalp and hair. It imparts a more natural colour while lending a glossy shine to the hair. Enriched with Hibiscus, Neem, Nutgrass & Indian Gooseberry that keeps hair dandruff-free, soft, smooth and healthy. Free from petrochemicals, parabens, SLS/SLES PEG/PPG, Genetically modified ingredients (GMO) and other synthetic ingredients


The henna powder comes in a white plastic jar with screw-open lid. The henna powder comes individually packaged in a plastic bag inside the jar so you need to open and empty it in the container. The lid does not fit properly and the henna powder settles in the screw cap lines and falls everywhere when you try opening it.


The powder is very fine and needs to be mixed with water/black coffee depending on whether you want a dark colour or light. The powder mixes well with solutions and forms a smooth paste.

How to use and after-effects:

I have coloured hair so I cannot use henna, but I made my mom used it as she has grey hair at the roots. To use, you need to make heena paste and keep it overnight and use it the next morning. I made henna paste using black coffee as it was recommended if you want a darker colour. My mom applied it and kept it for more than 4-5 hours before washing it off with mild shampoo.

There was light orange colour at the roots and little brown colour on the entire length of hair which looked black in normal light. I was very happy with the silksplash face wash from just herbs so I was expecting the henna to work too, but disappointingly it did not! My mom has previously used local heena which gave much darker brown colour than this one. My mom had to use another dye to cover up the orange roots!

This can be used to condition hair as it made my mom’s hair very soft and they did look healthy, but don’t use it as a hair dye especially if you have grey hair.


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