Himalaya Sparkling White Mouthwash is a unique herbal formulation based on plant enzyme technology from papaya and pineapple that gently removes surface stains on teeth in two weeks, leaving your teeth naturally white and sparkling. This no chemical bleach formula kills 99.9% of bacteria and provides up to 12 hours of protection from germs.
Key ingredients:

Pineapple contains a natural enzyme, bromelian, which loosens stains on tooth enamel.
Papaya contains the enzyme, papain, which is a mild whitening agent helpful in removing enamel stains.

I always have avoided using mouthwashes since they cause a burning sensation in my mouth (this rather happens with everyone) while squishing. I came across the newly launched mouthwashes from Himalaya when I was surfing online and thought maybe I could give this a try since it claimed of having no burning sensation.  After using it for 2 weeks, here I am with a review:



The mouthwash comes in a standard transparent mouthwash bottles. The lid is blue in colour and has a tiny cup-like shape that can be used to pour in the mouthwash and use. The bottle is certainly not travel friendly as it leaks when tilted.


The blue coloured mouthwash is a bit foamy and has a texture like water.


The mouthwash is said to contain enzymes from papaya and pineapple so I was expecting it to smell sweet, but the mouthwash smells strongly of mint!

How I use and after-effects:

After brushing my teeth, I fill the cap (15 ml), rinse my mouth thoroughly and expel after 10-20 seconds. They have actually mentioned to rinse for complete 30 seconds but I cannot bear the burning sensation! They have mentioned on the bottle that the mouthwash is alcohol free and does not burn but it certainly does! Maybe mint is the culprit behind this. Mouth does feel very squeaky clean and the nicks and corners including spaces between the teeth too get cleaned easily. Freshens breath, cleans the cleft and inner cheeks which means total mouth cleanse. I sometimes get tired to brush at night so using mouthwash seems a better option. There is certainly no teeth-whitening effect as claimed (I don’t really have very yellow teeth though)! I don’t really believe a mouthwash can make your teeth whiter! Have you use any mouthwash that made your teeth appear whiter or brighter? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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Cleans the entire mouth
Freshens breath
Gives a squeaky clean feel to your teeth
Has a burning sensation
Does not whiten teeth
Not travel friendly
PRICE: INR 95 for 215 ml
This mouthwash is perfect to be used after brushing and before sleeping to keep your mouth germ-free and clean. If you are searching for a teeth whitening product, give this a miss.
Content Editor at littlereviews.com. Surabhi Pisal is a Microbiologist who found love in blogging and writing little reviews.


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