PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: What the brand says: Refreshed and bright skin is what you get after Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze mask- Green Tea. This mask contains essential moisture squeezed from fragrant green tea to make skin smooth and radiant. This triple-layer sheet has a long-lasting moisturizing effect so that the essence can gradually be absorbed into the skin.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and has moisturizing and hydrating properties. The compound called as EGCG in green tea provides its antioxidant kick.  It detoxes skin and helps maintain its moisture levels, keeping it smooth and soft.

green tea mask

Packaging: The sheet mask comes in a matte paper sleek packet with plastic coating inside to keep the sheet moist. The packet has to be torn or cut from the top to remove the sheet mask. It is very light weight and sleek that makes it very easy to carry around.

Texture: The sheet is made up of 3-layered thin cotton and is soaked completely in the watery liquid solution.

Fragrance: The sheet mask has a soothing fragrance just like green tea capsule recipe pack. The smell is slightly sweet with a mild green tea fragrance.

green tea maskHow to use and after-effects:

 I took the sheet out of the packet and opened it gently; I placed it on my face carefully and pressed it all over so that it remains adhered. There was some liquid left in the packet so I squeezed it and slathered on top of the mask. I kept it for 20 minutes and removed the mask from bottom to top. On the packet, it is mentioned to not wash off the pack but massage so that it gets absorbed in the skin; I did the exact same thing.  The mask when you remove leaves behind some of its liquid which when massaged gets absorbed quickly leaving behind a non-greasy dewy finish.

This particular mask has worked well for me! I have oily skin and I do get pimples so I use retino once in a while. Retino makes skin dry and it is winter already so my skin was crying for moisture and this mask worked really well! Skin felt very smooth and plump. I had few dry patches with peeling skin on my face which vanished completely. Moreover, it did brighten up my face a bit (which is not actually claimed by this mask) which was an add on.  I feel using this on regular basis would give even better results.


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