I have started using facial oils only recently. The very first facial oil I used was Clarins lotus oil (which was a good facial oil but the effect stopped after 1 month of usage) after which I switched to KumKumadi oil from Blue Nectar as it could effectively control my acne. I naturally had to buy a new one after it got over and I decided to try the kumkumadi facial oil from Iraya. After almost a month of usage, I think I can now share my views on it:


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Iraya Kumkumadi facial oil is a natural complexion builder. It regulates the production of melanin and has miraculous healing and hydrating properties. It is a100% vegan product. Contains saffron, cow’s milk and sandalwood as dominant ingredients. Regular application gives a luminous complexion.


Packaging: The oil comes in a blue coloured glass bottle with a pump dispenser. Packaging is similar to kumkumadi oils from Kama Ayurveda and Blue Nectar. The pump dispenser has a rounder tip which dispenses only the required amount. The oil does not leak but I won’t risk carrying this in my bag!

IRAYA KUMKUMADI FACIAL OIL REVIEWTexture: Oil is surely not a light weight oil! It does not readily get absorbed. It has a typical oily feel.

Fragrance: The oil has typical pleasant ayurvedic smell with sweet undertones which I love.

How I use and after-effects: I was very excited when I received this oil since my previous oil had finished and I wanted to resume application ASAP. This oil is not really a night treatment oil, it is actually meant to be used any time of the day and also as a massage oil. But I have combination skin so I don’t really prefer using oils in day time and I use it before bedtime. After cleansing and toning, I took 4 drops of this oil (that’s what I did with my previous kumkumadi oil which was very light weight) and begin massaging my face with it. The oil just wouldn’t get absorbed and formed an oily layer on my face. I massaged for almost 15-20 minutes thinking maybe it needs more massaging- but it just stayed on my skin. I normally use a night cream on top of facial oil but I wanted to test the oil itself so skipped the night cream. With oily face I went to sleep and did this for a week. I saw no result the initial days but then cystic pimples started appearing on my chin, around the mouth and cheeks! I continued thinking maybe the pimples will go away gradually but they did not. I stopped using the oil and my face was back to normal. I resumed using my night cream and my face was back to being clear.

I thought of giving the oil another chance and used just 1 drop of it this time. I took 1 drop and rubbed it vigorously between the palms and just pat it on my face. Face did not feel oily but dewy and the oil thankfully got absorbed after massaging for a minute or so. Next morning my skin felt soft and smooth. Even after continuous usage, I did not develop any acne.

 IRAYA KUMKUMADI FACIAL OILMy current night routine: After cleansing and toning, I apply the oil as mentioned above and use Kama Ayurveda night cream on top.

After almost a month of usage, my skin feels clear, bright and smooth.


  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Works great as a facial massage oil
  • Contains all natural and essential ingredients that are great for skin
  • Can be used in multiple ways- as night treatment, under day cream, as a massage oil etc.
  • Little goes a long way
  • Gets absorbed when used in moderate quantities
  • Can treat dry patches on skin


  • Clogs pores if more than 2 drops are used
  • Does not readily get absorbed
  • Might clog pores of very oily skinned people

PRICE: INR 995 for 10 mL



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