What the brand says: Johnson’s baby skincare wipes are gentler and milder than water, yet cleans better and far more efficiently than water. What’s more, it even contains baby lotion, because soft, gentle baby skin needs cleansing that’s just as soft and gentle. It also helps soothe skin by removing flakiness of dry and cracked skin.

JOHNSONS BABY SKINCAREPackaging: The skincare wipes come in usual plastic packet packaging with dispensing cut-out space. The clear stick-on keeps the opening secured and prevents the wipes from drying. The pack is easy to carry around.

Texture: The cloth is incredibly soft and wet. The cloth is not at all harsh on the skin and glides on with ease.

Fragrance: The wipes have very mild fragrance similar to johnsons baby lotion which I love!

How I use and after-effects: 
These are skincare wipes specifically made for babies and is, therefore, mild. I am sure many of you (including me) already use johnsons baby soap, lotion and powder and they all work great for adult skin as well as it is mild. I thought of trying out their skincare wipes as facial cloths or wipes and here is what I experienced:

The wipes are very gentle on the skin and feel like cotton. When you wipe it, skin feels wet and when it dries, oh my my I love how soft it feels to touch! I do see a lot of dirt on the wipe which means it cleanses well. But, it definitely cannot remove any makeup so this is best to be used when you have no makeup on or maybe when you are in the gym. One thing I experienced was a weird tingling sensation when I wiped my face with it which vanished after few minutes. This might be because I have acne-prone skin?? Can be the case. Nevertheless, it caused no problem on my skin and I am still using it throughout the day when I don’t want to wash my face (me being a lazy bum!) or when I sweat. It cleans skin gently and makes it feel fresh.

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Travel friendly
Cleanses the facial skin effectively
Has a mild soothing fragrance
Alcohol and soap free
works great as a facial wipe
Is mild
Moisturizes and hydrates skin
Caused a mild tingling sensation when i used it initially but it did not last for more than few minutes (and it had no negative reaction whatsoever)
If you are one of those who always avoid facial wipes because of the sticky after-feeling, you need to try this! It cleans your face very well and makes it soft to touch.
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