KERASTASE REFLECTION MASQUE CHROMA CAPTIVE REVIEWWhat the brand says: Kerastase Reflection Mask Chroma Captive is for colour treated hair. Protects against anti-oxidant aggressors and premature colour fading.

  • Captures the pigment of the hair fibre to prolong hair colour at its most perfect state
  • Polishes the hair fibre, leaving it smooth for maximum light reflection and shine
  • Provides UV protection
  • Features Linseed Oil proven to reduce colour fading by 33% to 50% (instrumental testing)

KERASTASE REFLECTION MASQUE CHROMA CAPTIVE REVIEWPackaging: The hair masque comes in a pink coloured tub which is travel friendly. Dipping hands in it is a bit unhygienic, wish they provided a spatula too!

Texture: The mask is neither very thick not runny, it feels just like a conditioner. Since it a hair masque which we use once every 2 weeks, I was expecting it to be thicker for a deep hair conditioning treatment. Nevertheless, I am highly impressed with this product!

Fragrance: The mask does not have a strong sweet smell that I expected; rather it smells pleasant and has a faint floral smell.

KERASTASE REFLECTION MASQUE CHROMA CAPTIVE REVIEWHow to use and after-effects: To use, apply a quarter-sized amount to clean, towel-dried hair. Massage through from roots to ends, focusing on the most sensitized areas. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Hair does not instantly feel slippery like it does when you use conditioner while or after rinsing-off the masque, instead it feels sleek and smooth. After air-drying, my hair felt super silky and soft to touch and kept slipping away from the hair clip. I like wavy and curly hair so I tie a bun usually when my hair is slightly damp, but the masque made my hair straight and it was tough to maintain the waves or curls. Natural hair curling methods (using water) won’t really work when you use this masque since it makes your hair super silky and sleek. But I love the mask since it makes my hair super shiny, silky and healthy. I have coloured my hair long back which is still there at the ends and looked rough (due to chemicals of course!) as compared to rest of the hair, but the masque made them super soft too. The masque might be expensive, but is totally worth it!



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