LA ROCHE-POSAY EFFACLAR DUO PLUS REVIEWWhat the brand says: Fresh gel-cream, 24hr hydration and long lasting matte finish. Absorbs quickly for a non-sticky, non-oily finish. Non comedogenic, Hypoallergenic and does not contain and parabens. Procerad, a patented ceramide helps protect against the appearance of red or brown marks. This new active ingredient strengthens the anti-imperfection performance of the active ingredients in the product.

Packaging: The product comes in a pretty plastic tube with translucent plastic cap. The packaging looks like a medicated cream, in fact all the products in this brand look like medicated creams we get on prescriptions! I quite like the packaging and it is sturdy and easy to carry around.

Texture: The Product is like a white gel and perfect for oily skin. Gets absorbed super quick leaving behind a matte finish.

Fragrance: The product has a very mild medicated smell which I cannot really relate to anything, but it is not irritating and won’t bother sensitive noses.

My skin was behaving weird since few months, thanks to the outburst of hormonal acne that was stimulated after I stopped with some hormonal pill course. I have always had acne problems but they were never severe and did not bother me, but after continuous breakouts and redness and spots left behind, I had to search for some good treatment. After going through a lot of recommendations, Youtube videos and reviews, I found that La Roche Posay has some great anti-acne products and what caught my eye was the Effaclar Duo Plus cream. I immediately ordered it and started using. After 2 weeks of usage, I think this is the right time to review this product and here it goes-

LA ROCHE-POSAY EFFACLAR DUO PLUS REVIEWHow I use it: I apply a small amount on my entire face blending it properly after thoroughly cleansing with The Body Shop Tea Tree face wash. The gel-cream does not make your skin greasy at all and leaves behind a matte finish yet making your skin soft and supple. If you wish, you can top up with a moisturizer. I used this cream in the morning and before sleeping under my Kama Ayurveda Night Cream.

After-effects: I had some red pimples around the chin area and 2-3 cystic pimples on the cheek when I started using this cream. I also had tiny bumps on my entire face, and I absolutely have no idea why they started appearing only recently making my skin look dull. With great hopes I religiously started using this cream. When I first used, it was morning and by the evening itself I could see the inflammation reduced but the redness was there and did not completely go away. You know these cystic pimples that come occasionally and refuse to go away and just get darker as days pass? I had those around the chin and no matter what I do they just wouldn’t go away. After almost a week of usage, I could see the pimples gone flat and drying and the cystic acne too had reduced to half. Good improvement you see! After 2 more days, the pimples dried and flaked off. The cystic pimples developed into whiteheads and popped on their own. After almost 2 weeks of usage, my skin feels and looks so much better! The tiny bumps have almost vanished, I do get pimples but very less frequently and they heal in a day or two leaving behind no scar or dark spot and the cystic acne have 98% reduced after they popped on their own and have dried which will flake off in few days I feel.

My skin has improved a lot and I can clearly see a major difference in how it looked and felt 2 weeks back and how it looks and feels now. It is still improving and I am going to use this every single day. The great thing is that you can also use this as a makeup base so you don’t have to skip this whatsoever. I don’t think I can emphasize more on this, this is the best!


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