LAKME EYECONIC CURLING MASCARAPackaging: The Mascara comes in a curved black tube just like the eyeconic mascara in black.

Texture: The mascara is quite creamy and does take little time to completely dry. So you need to wait a few more minutes before going on with a second layer.

Shade: The shade ‘Royal Blue’ is a proper blue shade, not exactly deep blue or light blue, somewhere in between but looks quite vibrant and pretty.

How I use and staying power: Begin with your upper eyelid. Wiggle the brush at the base of your lashes to separate them. Brush the underside of the lashes in smooth, upward strokes. Apply a second coat to really enhance the curl in your lashes. Next, with downward strokes, brush the upper side of the lashes of your lower eyelid.

LAKME EYECONIC CURLING MASCARAPersonally, I only like using this on the upper lashes as I always apply kohl on the lower lash line/waterline. I was a bit sceptical about using this at first as I had no idea how it would look, this being blue in colour. I have used a blue liner before, but never a mascara. With doubts in my mind, I applied this and instantly loved it! The blue is bit neon but does not look funny or odd on your lashes. From a distance, it actually looks like a blue liner; people can only makeout it’s a masara when they see it closely or when they are near to you. The mascara curls the lashes brilliantly and coats it evenly with the product since the wand is curved tooo and the bristles are dense and evenly spaced with gaps. You won’t see any clumping even after several layers which is a plus point. The mascara is not waterproof but does not smudge either when you sweat or when your eyelids are oily; gets washed away easily with soapy water and a little massage.

Overall, I am in love with this mascara and am really tempted to try out colourful mascaras now!



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