What the brand says: The 4-piece konjac sponge set includes an original white version that helps remove keratin and nourish skin; a black charcoal version designed to control sebum and tighten pores; a green tea version to soothe and supply skin with anti-oxidants; plus a yellow curcuma version to help diminish acne.

LITFLY NATURAL KONJAC SPONGE Packaging: The sponges come in a cute matte plastic case with press closure so you can remove one sponge and store the rest. The sponge also has a thread sewed through it so you can hang it in your bathroom while it dries.

Texture: The konjac sponge is hard initially but once you soak it in water, it becomes soft and swells a bit.

Variant: The konjac sponges come in 4 colours:

  • White- white version that helps remove keratin and nourish skin.
  • Black- Black charcoal version designed to control sebum and tighten pores.
  • Green- Green tea version helps to soothe and supply skin with anti-oxidants.
  • Yellow- Yellow curcuma version helps to help diminish acne.

Fragrance: All the sponges have some weird smell, but once you start using it on regular basis, the smell goes away.

How I use and staying power: To use, simply soak the sponge in water for about 30 seconds, apply some cleanser on your face and begin massaging. The sponge does a great job in creating thick foam. Rinse it off and pat dry.

These sponges are my new favorite! I was earlier skeptical about using them since anything harsh on my acne-prone skin causes skin inflammation. I was surprised at how soft and comfortable the sponge gets after you soak it in water! Even girls with severe acne an use this without any worries. The sponge cleanses the skin really well and also softens it. I don’t really believe the color coding since they all work the same. They might have natural ingredients in them as per colour, but how long will the ingredient last because if you use the sponge regularly, it will eventually get washed away! Nevertheless, I love these sponges and they do a great job in removing dead skin cells, excess sebum and also softening the skin!



  • Travel friendly
  • Very lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • You get 4 sponges in one packet!
  • Will suit all skin types
  • Easy to use
  • Very soft and gentle on skin once soaked in water


  • Not easily available in India




PRICE: INR 489/- for 4 pieces




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