What the brand says: The 1st curler effect mascara by L’Oreal Paris, easily wraps the lashes in two easy synergic steps for a starified, spot-light stealer eye look.

  • Super-Sizing Primer: Thickens each lash to build bodacious volume with the help of curler-effect brush on one-side. Infused with 7 types of extraordinary care oil.
  • Lash-Lifting Top-coat: Is enriched with an all sized lengthening and volumising fibres for super-lifted glossy black lashes. The extra fibre-rich formula mixed in, creates a mess-free look without irritation to your eyes. Glides in a soft, delicate veil to create silky, spectacular lashes that flutter. It stretches and extends your lashes like wings resulting in a dramatic fringe.

LOREAL PARIS FALSE LASH SUPERSTAR MASCARAPackaging: The mascara comes in a dual sided tube which has a primer on one side and the actual black mascara (top coat) on the other.

Texture: The mascara once applied and dried does not feel stiff even after two layers (or more including one primer and top coat layer). Applies easily and feels comfortable without making lashes heavy.


How to use and staying power/after-effects: To use, you first need to apply a layer of the primer which is in step 1 side and after few seconds r after it dries, you need to apply the top coat which is on step 2. You are done!

I usually apply 2 coats of step 2 to make my eyelashes dramatically curled and fluttery. Even after 3-4 layers of mascara (step 1 and 2), lashes do not feel clumpy, flaky or heavy at all. The mascara makes your lashes super long and curled, I am thrilled at the results! No wonder this particular mascara is all over the internet. The curl lasts all day long, until your remove it. The mascara is not waterproof and I am thankful to it since after applying several layers, the mascara being waterproof would be the last thing I’ll wish. You can easily remove it with little massage using water (OK, a lot of massaging if you have applied a lot of product). Overall, this is the best mascara I have ever used and this is always going to be in my makeup bag!


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Travel friendly
Easy to use
Makes lashes fluttery and dramatically curled
Makes lashes extraordinarily long
Does not make lashes heavy or clumpy
Easy to remove
Curl stays all day long, you don't even need to use an eyelash curler
Cannot be used in monsoon or when you want to cry! (ahem ahem..)
Expensive but worth it
This is the best mascara I have ever used! It makes your lashes dramatically curly and long, highly recommend.
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