LOREAL PARIS LA PALETTE GOLD REVIEWPackaging: The palette comes in a sleek shiny black case containing an applicator and 10 unique shimmery shades.

Texture: The eyeshadows are not very fine and powdery like NYX eye shadow palette but are decently soft and applies easily.

LOREAL PARIS LA PALETTE GOLD REVIEWShade: All the shades in this ‘Gold’ palette are a mixture of pinks, golds and purples. They are decently pigmented and all contain gold shimmer.

LOREAL PARIS LA PALETTE GOLD REVIEWHow to use and staying power: You can mix up all the shades to create a colourful bold eye look or use them individually. The gold shade can be used with any shade in the palette to create a festive look. All the shades are decently pigmented and you need to layer it in order to make the actual colours pop. Since they are not very fine, there is less fall out while application which is a good thing.  The shimmers do not bling which disappointed me since I thought this palette would be glittery gold. Staying power is good- the eye shadow stays intact for 7-8 hours after which I feel it starts fading a bit.

The colours are all pretty and the palette overall is a good buy!

LOREAL PARIS LA PALETTE GOLD REVIEWExpert tip: You can pair gold shade with any shade in the palette. Use gold in the centre of your lid while you use any shade of your choice on the entire lids. This will help create a festive look and will go with your casuals too when the colours match with your outfit or when you use less or no gold shade.


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