LOREAL PARIS IDEAL CLEAN MAKEUP REMOVING WIPESWhat the brand says: Ultra-soft towelettes gently yet effectively remove all traces of makeup, mascara and even long wear makeup. Dirt and oil are dissolved for clean and visibly tightened pores. These purifying towelettes do not dry out the skin. Is alcohol Free, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested for safety.

Packaging: The wipes come in a pull-out plastic pouch packaging just like you get for facial tissue boxes.

Texture: The wipes are made up of cotton and feel very soft on the skin. Cleans off the makeup without being harsh.

Fragrance: I can’t really relate the smell with anything but it is mild and very pleasant.

How I use and after-effects: To remove any makeup, simply peel off the sticker, take out a wipe and stick it back. Open the wipe and use it to wipe off all the makeup from your face, eyes and lips. Also, you can rinse your face with plain water later to remove any dirt from your face and you are done.

The wipe removes absolutely everything from your face including waterproof lipstick and mascara. Skin does not feel sticky at all after using this which is the best part since you can use this anytime of the day. Also, this wipe can be used to remove eyeliner mistakes on-the-go. The wipes are not oily like other makeup remover wipes out there in the market. Currently, I am using these for removing my entire face makeup and I only need one wipe per use so this packet of 25 wipes should last me long having known I don’t do makeup every day.


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Travel friendly
Easy to use
Removes all the makeup, including waterproof mascara and liner
Does not make skin sticky or oily after use
Smells pleasant
A bit expensive for just 25 wipes
These makeup removing wipes are great to be used for quick makeup removal and are gentle on the skin. Makes makeup-removal non-messy! I recommend this to everyone.
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