What the brand says: L’Oreal Paris introduces Rouge Magique, a new generation of matte lipsticks with intense color pigments and the most comfortable wear. Pure Matte Pigments with nourishing Jojoba, Canina oil and hydrating honey. 12 intense shades across plums, reds, corals and browns.


Packaging: The lipsticks comes in characteristic ‘magique’ range packaging- black and bright pink colour. The lipsticks are travel friendly.

Texture: The lipsticks are very creamy and easy to apply. They glide on easily and settle into a creamy-matte texture.

Shade: The range has a total of 12 shades, here is a summary on each-

Dazzling Crush- This is a red shade with pink undertones to it. Will suit all skin tones.

Peach Perfect- This shade is a pure light neon pink and not really peach as the name describes.  Will go well with fair to medium skin tones.

Pinky Promesse- This shade is quite similar to ‘peach perfect’ but is a bit deeper.

Scarlet Deja Vu- Every lipstick range has at least one pure red shade and in this range, this is the one! This is a perfect red shade that will suit all skin tones.

Vin Exquise- This is a dark and deep purple shade with no other undertones to it. Will suit fair to medium skin tones. Perfect for festive season.

Secret Date- This is a light pink shade with a bit of purple/mauve undertones to it. Will suit all skin tones.

Royal Veloute- This is a red shade with a bit of deeper brick undertones to it. Though it looks red until and unless you compare it to any other pure red.

Purple Comtesse- This is a nice berry red shade which I love. Will suit all skin tones. Perfect for evening outings and festivals.

Mauve Petal- This is a pretty light purple shade with grey undertones to it. Will suit all skin tones.

Tropical Sorbet- This is a pure orange shade and will suit all skin tones except very dark skin tones.

Mont Blanc- This is a perfect nude shade with mauve undertones to it. Great for everyday wear and will suit all skin tones.

Divine Mocha- This is a beautiful almond brown shade and another favorite of mine from this range. The shade is quite similar to ‘smoked almond’ from Mac Liptensity lipstick range.

Fragrance: The lipsticks don’t really have any particular fragrance.

How I use and staying power: To use, simply apply directly on the lips and you are done! The lipsticks are very pigmented so one swipe should be enough.

(L-R) Divine Mocha, Secret Date, Purple Comtesse, Royal Veloute, Mauve Petal, Vin Exquise, Scarlet Deja Vu, Pinky Promesse, Dazzling Crush, Peach Perfect, Tropical Sorbet, Mont Blanc.

The lipsticks feel just like the Maybelline creamy matte range. They go on smoothly on the lips and settle into moist creamy-matte texture on the lips. They do transfer a bit but only when you eat anything heavy or rub the lips, otherwise the transferring is minimal. The darker shades in this range leave behind a pigmented stain by the end of the day while the lighter shades fade by almost 50%. The lipsticks feel very comfortable on the lips and does not accentuate fine lines. Keeps lips moisturized throughout the day so even if you have chapped lips, you can certainly use these. Overall, the lipsticks are great and the shade options are good too.


  • Amazing texture and formula
  • Non-drying creamy-matte finish
  • Keeps your lips moisturized
  • Glides on easily on the lips
  • Darker shades leave behind a beautiful stain
  • Great opaque pigmentation in just single swipe


  • None



PRICE: INR 650 each



  1. Thank you for reviewing these so clearly! They all look amazing on you! You’re very beautiful ❤️
    How do these compare to Mac matte lipsticks? Is the formul and finish similar?

    • Not sure about the formula but the finish is quite similar to mac matte lipsticks. Though, the retro matte lipsticks are even matte and dry as compared to this.


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