What the brand says: L’Oreal Paris introduces a great multi-tasker: a dual ended eyeliner, with a pencil liner on one end and a liquid liner on the other. Functional and versatile, the new Superstar Duo Designer has a 24-hour smudge-proof and waterproof intense black formula for creating different eye looks.

LOREAL PARIS SUPER LINER SUPER STAR DUOPackaging: The duo liner comes in a dual ended pencil form with a black felt-tip liquid liner in one end and coloured twist-up pencil in the other.

Texture: The liquid liner is very thin in consistency and if not applied quickly spreads into fine lines. The pencil liner is quite stiff and not very smooth and needs multiple swipes for pigmented colour.

Shade: There are 3 shades in this range- ‘black’, ‘gold’ and ‘silver’. Black is matte while Gold and Silver is shimmery. All the shades aren’t very pigmented and need multiple swipes for an opaque colour.

How I use and staying power: Use the liquid liner on the upper lash line to create a thin/thick/winged liner and use the pencil side on the waterline and around the eyes to create any eye look you want.

The liquid liner is easy to use but you have to be quick without saturating the product in one place or it will spread into fine lines. The liquid liner is quite pigmented and is matte. The pencil kajal needs multiple swipes to build up visible colour since it is stiff and not smooth like gel pencils. Except for black, the gold and silver is shimmery and can be used in creating various fun looks. They can also be used to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. The pencil form is waterproof but liquid liner certainly isn’t. Liquid liner does not readily smudge but it isn’t waterproof either. Can be easily washed using water! Overall, I am not quite impressed with the product considering the price and its outcome.



Travel friendly
Shimmery shades can be used to highlight inner corners of the eyes
The felt tip of liquid liner is easy to use
Can be used to create fun looks
Stays longer


Liquid liner is not waterproof
Pencil liner needs multiple swipes for an opaque finish
Liquid liner spreads into fine lines if not applied quickly

PRICE: INR 899/- each

Content Editor at littlereviews.com. Surabhi Pisal is a Microbiologist who found love in blogging and writing little reviews.


  1. I believe they had launched the silver and golden shade earlier as well under some other name that was a retractable liner too. I had a similar experience with them as well! No pigmentation and it would take multiple swipes to show some color. Sadly, I had to practically throw them away!


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