What the brand says: A mascara with a customizable curved brush that curls lashes upon application. Curved brush fits every eye shape hugging your lashes from corner to corner, while a quick twirl provides style, volume and length. Simply twist, wiggle and you are done!


Packaging: The mascara tube is in the shape of a boomerang and is quite sturdy. The yellow and black gradient colour looks attractive. The speciality lies in the unique twisting wand that can be used to curl and thicken the lashes. The bristles too aren’t very long and brushy like the regular mascaras which is unique.

Texture: The product is creamy and applies quickly. Though I find it takes time to completely dry so you have to wait before applying second layer.

Shade: The colour of this mascara is super black and adds a spark to your eyes.

Fragrance: The mascara smells really bad! The chemical smell is very strong and nauseating which is definitely bothersome.

How I use and staying power/after-effects: To use, unscrew the wand and twist it in order to curve the brush. Wiggle it on the lashes in quick movements and layer it for lengthening effects. I find the mascara doesn’t dry quickly so you have to wait before applying a second layer. The mascara definitely curls your lashes but it is not extraordinary. Since it is a curling mascara with such a unique wand, I was expecting a magical curl. I have many other mascaras that curl even better than this one or equally. It does lengthen your lashes and make it thicker too after layering.

Lashes stay curled and intact all day long even after knowing this is a washable mascara. It does not budge, smudge or spread- stays where it is applied. Easy to remove with just soapy water which is a plus point.

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Travel friendly
Unique wand
Attractive packaging
Lengthens the lashes
Decently curls
Easy to use
Lasts all day long
Does not smudge or budge
Very expensive
Smells horrible
Not easily available
PRICE: 1990
The mascara definitely lengthens your lashes and gives it a decent curl. You can layer it 3-4 times for spidery lashes since many love the look including me. This isn’t my go-to mascara but it is a really nice addition to my mascara collection and it is definitely worth trying.
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