What the brand says: Play it pink with four sweet bonbon hues of Dazzleglass and Cremesheen Glass. This coordinated kit comes in a stylish little clutch featuring a fuchsia and burgundy design with embroidered gold accents. Contains 3 Cremesheen Glass lip glosses and 1 Dazzleglass lip gloss.


 The 4 lip glosses come in a very pretty and girly pink-and-black mini clutch/box which opens like a drawer. The lip glosses are made up of hard plastic and the screw-open-wand resembles the colour of the box. Cremesheen Glass lip glosses have a doe foot applicator while the Dazzleglass lip gloss has a brush applicator.  The box/clutch can be used to store other stuffs too (after removing the inner plastic mould).


 All the lipglosses have gel-like texture which do feel a bit sticky on lips. The only difference between Cremesheen Glass and Dazzleglass is that the Cremesheen does not contain shimmer while Dazzleglass contains only shimmer.


 The kit contains 4 lip glosses with hues of pink:

Cremesheen Glass- Fashion Scoop:  Fashion scoop is a pastel light pink gloss with very fine shimmer. The lip gloss looks transparent on the lips and the shimmer which is not very obvious gives a subtle sheen.

Dazzleglass- Rags to Riches: Rags to Riches is a pearly white gloss filled with pink, purple and white shimmer which looks very beautiful on the lips. It literally sparkles in bright light especially when the sunshine falls on it!

Cremesheen Glass- Charm: Charm is an intense blue pink that looks light purple on the lips.

Cremesheen Glass- Twirling: Twirling is a pretty deep plum colour but looks like ‘Charm’ when applied in a very thin layer.

All the shades will beautifully go well with all skin tones since they are not pale. ‘Fashion Scoop’ might not suit pigmented lips since it is a clear gloss and the pigmentation will be visible through it.


 I love all the fragrances of MAC lipsticks. They have this pleasant vanilla smell which I love.

How I use and staying power:

 I simply apply the Gloss on lips like any other lipgloss and I am good to go. The doe applicators take out very less product so you have to dip it multiple times to cover the entire lips. The brush applicator for Dazzleglass is perfect and 2 dips cover the entire lips.  I am not a lip gloss fan since flying hair always tends to stick to your lips when you are travelling. These lip glosses too are sticky, but I love the formula so much that I don’t mind using it; what about the flying hair? I can fix it up by tying a pony tail or pinning up my hair when I use this! I personally love the Dazzleglass the most since the shimmer is beautiful and looks like galaxy on the lips (The shimmer might not be precise in the pictures since you can see purple and white tones when you move the lips and the picture has captured just one angle). Cremesheen Glass in ‘Fashion Scoop’ looks beautiful alone on its own or on top of any other lipstick you prefer. The other 2 pigmented glosses- Cremesheen Glass in ‘Charm’ and ‘Twirling’ looks like some pigmented gel lipstick on the lips and not really a gloss, which is the best thing about them.

Now coming to the staying power, all the lip glosses transfer readily and won’t last a single meal! Dazzleglass though leaves behind all the shimmer even if the glossiness is no more which makes my lips look pretty, but then don’t ever make an attempt to wipe it with a cloth or your hands or the shimmer will stick around the lips! The darker shades leave behind a subtle stain which looks natural. I have observed that even if the lip gloss vanishes, the moisturizing layer stays behind all day long so you won’t have dry lips and can still carry on without reapplying the product.


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