MAYBELLINE NEW YORK BABY LIPS CANDY WOW REVIEW What the brand says: Baby Lips lip balm now comes in candy inspired colour and a new retractable crayon format! Hydrate your lips with the help of vitamin E plus get a glossy candy colour at the same time. Vitamin E helps hydrate and glide on smoothly. Repairs broken or chapped skin on your lips and keeps them soft and plump.

Packaging: The lip balms come in an easy-to-use retractable form with a lid. The lid does not fit that well which is a con.

Texture: The lip balms have gel-like texture and glides easily on the lips without any tugging or pulling. Forms a moisturizing film on lips with a hint of colour.

Shade: Here is a summary on the shades:

Mixed Berry: This is a pretty purple shade which is very sheer on the lips and looks amazing! My personal favourite shade in this range.

Orange: Like the name says, this is a proper orange colour which turns out looking more coral on the lips. Sheer and perfect to go on every outfit.

Peach: Peach is a beautiful baby pink colour that looks pale pink on the lips. Might not suit dusky or darker skin tones even if it is sheer. Will go very well on fair and medium skin tones.

Raspberry: This is a kind of neon pink colour which looks pretty pink on the lips. Will suit all skin tones.

Cherry: Cherry is a beautiful burgundy colour that looks sheer burgundy on the lips. My second favourite from the range.

All the shades are sheer and have a subtle shine that makes your lips look healthy with a hint of colour.

Fragrance: All the lip balms have pleasant sweet fragrance which I love.

How I use and staying power/after-effects: To use, simply twist up the crayon and swipe it multiple times for sheer colour. The lip balm forms a very moisturizing layer on the lips and the hint of colour makes your lips look pretty and attractive. If you have chapped lips or dry lips, this is a perfect lip treatment for you. I have used this at night too before sleeping and it keeps your lips hydrated and soft all night long, especially useful in the harsh winters. Great for no-makeup look or when you want to do light makeup, looks natural and sober.

The lip balms do transfer but the lips stay moisturized even after the lip balm has transferred or wiped off. You can always reapply if you want the colour since it does not leave behind any visible stain.

Overall these lip balms are a great buy- work well and are cheaply available.

Top-Bottom : Cherry, Peach, Mixed berry, Raspberry and Orange
Reader Rating1 Vote3.95
Attractive packaging
Great lipbalm with sheer colour
Great for minimal or no-makeup look
Moisturizes lips well
Repairs chapped lips
Contains Vitamin E
Needs to be reapplied after having meals
The lip balm is a thin stick that is quite smaller than the tube and can break with little pressure
Price: INR 275
These lip balms moisturizes your lips well and also give your lips a hint of colour. Pigmentation is good even if it looks sheer, considering it’s a lip balm.


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