What the brand says: Get kissable lips with Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop. Made with a perfect blend of ingredients, Vitamin E and a high concentration of shea butter, this is more than your regular lip balm. Vitamin E helps hydrate and glide on smoothly. Repairs broken or chapped skin on your lips and keeps them soft and plump.

MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS ELECTRO POP LIP BALMSPackaging: The lip balms come in a black tube with transparent cap bearing ‘baby lips’ and shade name written in the shade of the lip balm.

Texture: The lip balms have gel-like texture and glides easily on the lips without any tugging or pulling. Forms a moisturizing film on lips with a hint of colour.

Shades and fragrances: Here is a summary on the shades:

Fierce and Tangy– This is a neon yellow coloured shade. Even if it looks vibrant in the tube, it turns out to be pale yellow on the lips which looks pretty nevertheless. The lip balm smells quite citrusy.

Pink Shock– Pink shock looks pretty and funky neon pink in the tube. It looks exactly like baby lips candy wow in shade ‘Cherry’ on the lips. The lip balm smells like raspberry.

Oh! Orange– This is a proper orange coloured lip balm which looks sheer orange on the lips. The lip balm smells lime oranges, exactly like orange cream biscuits.

Berry Bomb– Berry Bomb is a violet shade that looks pretty sheer plum on the lips. This lip balm smells like grapes.

MAYBELLINE-BABY-LIPS-ELECTRO-POP-LIP-BALMSHow I use and staying power: Use the lip balm like you normally would, maybe several times a day too. The lip balm gives sheer colour in 2 swipes and forms a shiny layer on the lips. The colour is not very prominent and is very sheer but looks good though; perfect for days when you want a no-makeup look. Lips stay hydrated and soft and chapped lips are repaired. Perfect to be used under a matte lipstick, as a night lip treatment or simply alone for a sheer soft colour. Overall, a great lip balm with great moisturizing properties.




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