MAYBELLINE COLOR SENSATIONAL CREAMY MATTE LIPSTICKS REVIEWPackaging: The lipsticks come in the usual Maybelline lipstick packaging with a deep lavender translucent lid.

Texture: These lipsticks have an amazing creamy texture that I love love love! They glide on the lips smoothly and settle into a creamy matte film which actually looks dry-matte but feels creamy and moisturizing when you press your lips together.

Shade: Here is a summary on the shades:

Ravishing Rose: This is a beautiful light rose-pink colour which might look a bit frosty on medium-darker skin tones.

Mesmerizing Magenta: This is a plum shade with no undertones, not even deep plum or light plum; just proper plum. Should go with all skin tones.

Faint for Fuchisa: This is a pretty rose pink colour with a bit of neon touch to it. This shade should go well with light-medium skin tones.

All Fired Up: This is a proper neon pink shade which I love. Basically I love all neon shades and this one is no exception! If you are in a search for a proper neon pink colour, this is the one for you.

Touch of Spice: This is a beautiful rose-nude shade and my favourite out of all the shades in this range. I quite like all the rosy-nude kind of shades these days and I loved this one too. Goes with anything and everything you wear and perfect for all skin tones.

Nude Nuance: This is a nude shade with brown undertones to it. Should suit all skin tones except very darker skin tones.

Divine Wine: This is a deep maroon shade, a bit lighter than Burgundy Blush. Will suit all skin tones and perfect for occasions or frequently if you use these kinds of shades often.

Burgundy Blush: This is a deep maroon shade which might almost look black if you layer. I love dark shades on light or white clothes and this seems perfect. Should suit all skin tones, but can be carried away comfortably only if you are used to such shades.

Siren in Scarlet: This is a beautiful deep red colour which is my second favourite in this range. Will suit all skin tones.

Craving Coral: This is a perfect deep-orange shade, not quite neon though. Will suit light, medium and dusky skin tones.

Rich Ruby: Rich ruby is a beautiful deep magenta colour, more towards the burnt-red side. If you like dark reds and maroons, this should impress you.

Fragrance: All the lipsticks have sweet fragrance which is not OTT.

How I use and staying power: Since these lipsticks are not dry-matte, you can use it directly too without preparing your lips prior to application. The lipsticks apply smoothly and glide on easily without tugging or pulling. All the shades are extremely pigmented which I love! A single swipe gives an opaque colour and settles into a creamy and moisturizing matte film on the lips. I love the way they feel so comfortable and keep lips moisturized all day long. They do transfer but won’t fade a bit from your lips; leaves behind a dark stain after meals which looks good. Lighter colours won’t leave behind a prominent stain so you may have to reapply.  These lipsticks are the best ones I have tried so far from Maybelline, I kid you not!  I love these and find all the shades pretty <3


Top-Bottom: Touch of Spice, Burgundy Blush, All Fired Up, Rich Ruby, Nude Nuance, Craving Coral, Faint for Fuchsia, Mesmerizing Magenta, Ravishing Rose, Siren in Scarlet, Divine Wine


  • Amazing texture and formula
  • Non-drying creamy-matte finish
  • Keeps your lips moisturized
  • Glides on easily on the lips
  • Darker shades leave behind a beautiful stain
  • Great opaque pigmentation in just single swipe


  • None




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