Packaging: The lipsticks come in the usual Maybelline lipstick tubes with colourful matte-finish lid.

Texture: The lipsticks are very creamy and glide on the lips as smooth as a butter; it then sets into a dry matte finish.

Shades: There are a total of 10 shades available in this lipstick range, here is a summary on them:

Cherry Chic: This shade is a burnt burgundy shade with very minute brown undertones. Nevertheless, it will look good on all skin tones.

Fuchsia Flash: This is a proper fuchsia shade but a bit on the neon side. Might look weird on darker skin tones but will definitely suit fair to medium skin tones.

Get Red-dy: This is a pretty red colour with a bit of burnt undertones. Should go well with all skin tones.

Make Me Blush: This is a light orange-peach shade which is exactly similar (or an exact dupe) to Tropic Tonic from MAC. I love such coral shades and this is my favourite from the range.

Orange Shot: Orange shot is a proper neon orange shade similar to the ‘tangerine fluff’ from lakme lip and cheek mousse.

Pink Shot: This is a neon pink shade quite similar to ‘fuchsia flash’ but a bit lighter.

Plum Perfection: Plum perfection is a deep reddish-brown shade but more on the brown side. No idea why they named this plum!!

Technically Pink: This is a beautiful baby pink shade which will suit all skin tones other than darker tones since it might look a bit frosty.

Touch of Nude: This is a neutral nude shade with mauve undertones. If you have been frequently reading all my reviews, you might know how much I love neutral-mauve shades!! This has to be another favorite of mine in the range and definitely goes with all skin tones and suits any and every occasion.

Up To Date: This is a deeper neon pink, again similar to Fuchsia Flash shade but a bit darker and brighter.

A lot of shades for example reds and pinks are somewhat similar to each other; only differ a shade lighter or darker which is great since you can easily get a red or pink shade of your choice depending on how bright or light you prefer.

Fragrance: The lipsticks have mild vanilla smell which I love!

(L-R) Orange Shot, Up to Date, Fuchsia Flash, Touch of Nude, Pink Shot, Make Me Blush, Technically Pink, Plum Perfection, Get Red-Dy, Cherry Chic.

How I use and staying power: To use, simply swipe the lipsticks directly on the lips and you are done. The lipsticks glide on easily like butter and settle into dry-matte finish. I love such dry-matte lipsticks since they are long lasting and you won’t even feel e anything on your lips, but the con here is that it can accentuate fine lines! If you have dry lips or chapped lips, this lipstick will worsen the condition so make sure you apply a lip balm prior to application. The lipstick does not readily transfer and will only stain your hands lightly when you try the kiss-test. The lipstick stays all day long especially the darker shades even after meals thanks to the pigmented stain that it leaves behind. Overall, I really love these lipsticks and all shades are pretty too. I regularly exfoliate my lips so I can use these whenever I want, only make sure you prepare your lips before you use these.


  • Great shades available
  • A proper dry-matte lipstick
  • Transferring is almost negligible
  • Stays all day long, even after meals


  • Accentuate fine lines
  • Can make already dry lips even drier and chapped




    • Hello Mansi, I feel ‘Make me blush’ will look a bit frosty on darker skin tone while ‘Technically pink’ will look weird since it is more towards neon side.

  1. I loved your review :)…just one question..many bloggers say that the peachy coral color like Make me Blush looks patchy on lips…is it true?

    • Aparajita, all the shades have same texture and formula. I don’t think it looks or feels different (in texture) than other lipsticks in this range. However, exfoliate your lips prior to application for a smooth and long lasting finish. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Hi, recently i bought cherry chic lipstick after reading your review. I like that color. I’ve a dusky skin tone. Cherry chic is somewhat looking bright for me. Can you please suggest a best color that suits my skin tone?

    • Hello, touch of nude should look good on all skin tones. However, it is best to go and check/swatch the shades in the store because there are nudes for every skin tone. This will give you a better idea. hope this helps!

  3. I have the shade peach personality from the colorshow matte range. Is this colour similar to Make me blush from the powder matte range? please reply

  4. Hi, Do make me blush have pink undertone? I like the colour but I’m afraid it’s have pink undertone which won’t work on me.

  5. Hi there.. your blog is very helpful… It helped me to get my best shade that is “up to date”… But sadly this powder matte range of Maybelline dry out my lips… Can you please suggest a dupe for Maybelline powder matte “up to date”


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