What the brand says: Say good bye to acne with Neutrogena oil-free acne face wash.  It contains Salicylic acid which is known to get rid of acne and prevents future break outs. The gel based face wash lathers easily and effectively cleanses your skin. Get rid of dirt, oil and make up and pamper your skin with the heavenly touch of Neutrogena oil-free acne face wash.


Packaging: The face wash comes in a transparent pump bottle which I won’t call it travel friendly since it has no lid; the pump might get pressed and leak the product in your travel bag.

Texture: The face wash has a gel texture and readily foams when it comes in contact with water. The foam is not dense but cleanses the skin effectively.

NEUTROGENA OIL-FREE ACNE WASH REVIEWHow I use and after-effects: You can use this like a regular face wash twice a day. I like using it with my Foreo device and it works great! The foam is not dense but is lacy and cleanses the face very effectively. Skin feels soft and smooth and pimples if any feel calmed and less irritated. I don’t have much acne right now but it does help with emerging pimples even during ‘that time of the month’. Great for oily skin as it won’t dry out face and your skin won’t get oilier eventually. I have used it earlier too and this product does help prevent and dry out acne but it certainly won’t stop it, it just helps you keep it under control. Overall, a great product for oily and acne prone skin.


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