What the brand says: Nivea introduces the new whitening talc touch deodorant that works like a talc but doesn’t show like it. It‘s pleasant fragrance combines rose & lily of the valley to deliver the perfect balance of protection & confidence and a sense of freshness & care. Complete with licorice extracts that gives you even toned underarm skin from within and the confidence to go sleeveless.

Packaging: The packaging is similar to other nivea deodorants and is quite sturdy. The frosty-matte finish is something I really like and makes the packaging attractive. The deodorant is easy to carry around in your handbag.

Texture: The deodorant forms a matte powdery finish and does not leave behind any white cast and keeps the underarms dry and fresh.

WHITENING TALC Fragrance: The deodorant smells fresh just like other pearl and beauty deodorant in the range but has a little more floral undertones. It stays all day long, but not like perfumes; the fragrance is mild which I like.

How I use and after-effects: Use this after bath just like a regular deodorant. It forms a matte powdery film on the skin and instantly brightens up your underarms. After regular usage, you will surely see a difference in your underarms like they would feel smooth, would be evenly toned and brightened. I have used this earlier as well and I can definitely say it adds a nice brightness and glow to your armpits and helps you get rid of chicken skin too. Safe to be used after waxing (or shaving) and causes no tingling sensation. I love this deodorant so much and you can definitely use your perfume with it since the fragrance is not dominant.



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