What the brand says: Opt the Nykaa EyemBOLD kajal for the days you want to look extra bold and extra sassy! This kajal locks down the intense black pigment in a matter of seconds to give you those bold, beautiful eyes. The waterproof formula stays put all day long without smudging or transferring. One easy-peasy stroke of this wonder kajal transforms your eyes!


Packaging: The kajal comes in a jumbo pencil form which needs sharpening (sharpener is provided along with the pencil).

Texture: The kajal is very soft and applies with the slightest of touch and dries into a matte finish in no time. The kajal once dried does not smudge or transfer.

Shade: The kajal is extremely pigmented and dark, even better than Maybelline colossal kajal I feel.

NYKAA EYEMBOLD KAJAL REVIEWHow I use and staying power: I normally make a thick line on the waterline and under it and it looks good on the upper lash line as well. Kajal is extremely easy to apply because of the soft texture, meaning you need not rub multiple times for application; the only downside is that making thin lines is tough because of the jumbo size of tip and also because it is blunt. The kajal also gives a cooling sensation when you apply in the waterline which did make my eyes a bit watery initially. Kajal otherwise is very good because of amazing dark colour and its long-lasting formula. Kajal stays intact even in the hot and humid summer and does not budge even if you wash or wipe your face. Overall, a great kajal!


  • Travel friendly
  • glides on easily
  • Dries into a matte finish
  • Sharpener is provided
  • Great pigmentation


  • A bit expensive for a kajal
  • Cannot be used to make thin lines
  • The cooling sensation can make your eyes watery





  1. I also had a cooling/burning sensation on my waterline when I apply this kajal which got me a bit worried if it’s really safe to use. I’ve mailed Nykaa with this query and even asked them on their Facebook page, but no response yet. Thanks for mentioning it in your review!

    • Akshaya you are welcome 🙂 I don’t think its a side effect or anything, there are many cheaper kajals in the market that actually burn your eyes maybe due to some volatile ingredients in it. Not sure why this one burns :/

  2. Yes, I have used kajals with camphor which have a soothing effect. But they haven’t mentioned anything on their packaging, so thought it’s better to ask.

  3. I experienced the same cooling sensation which was more like a burning sensation on my eyes. Though the kajal is really good, I think they should change the formulation to prevent this irritation.


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