What the brand says: These intensely pigmented, waterproof pen eyeliners let you achieve intense black liquid lines effortlessly. The felt tip lets you achieve fine or bold looks easily while the slanted felt tip allows you to get those to-die-for wings every time! Super long-lasting, smudge-proof formula; intense black finish in every stroke!



Packaging: The eye liners come in a very pretty and sophisticated packaging with a rubber grip around the tips for precise application.  The ‘felt tip’ and ‘slanted felt tip’ lets you achieve thin, bold or winged eyeliner very easily.

Texture: The eye liners are liquid and thin and in a sketch-pen form that makes application easy. It is so thin that it gets in the fine lines of your eyes if you have wrinkled skin. Dries quickly into a semi-matte finish with subtle shine.

Shade: Both the eyeliners are highly pigmented and are black in color. The shades are named differently but are same- deep and pigmented black. The Get-Inked eyeliner is named ‘Onyx’ while the Get-Winged eyeliner is named ‘Black-Swan’.

How I use and staying power: To use the eyeliners, simply swipe it on the lids close to your lashes. While using the felt tip, make a thin line or bold, as you wish and while using the slanted felt tip, extend the line using the flat tip as a marker and fill in to get a winged eye look. Let it dry and you are done.

I love using liners and there isn’t a single day I step out of the house without a liner or kajal. I have a lot of felt tip liners but never tried a slanted felt tip! The Get-Winged’ eye liner is simply amazing and lets you achieve a winged eyeliner look in no time. I struggle in matching the length of winged eyeliner with one other and I always end up with one side long and the other side short! I am sure this happens with a lot of girls. The slanted felt tip helps you achieve a defined wing and of appropriate length thanks to its tip that can be used as a marker. The Get-Inked eyeliner is a usual felt tip liner but I do not quite like it since the tip gets blunt after 2-3 uses and then you need to use it in a slanting position in order to achieve close contact with the skin because the blunt tip won’t deliver a pigmented stain. I own a lot of felt tip liners that have sharp tips and I will continue using them; but the Get-Winged eyeliner is something I will definitely use on regular basis when I am in the mood of a winged linger. The liner is very pigmented and thin at the same time which makes it a bit inappropriate to be used on skin that is loose or wrinkled since it can get in fine lines while application. The liner stays intact all day but is definitely isn’t waterproof as per the claims because it gets easily washed away with just water. I am not a big fan of the formula but the slant-tip is unique, works great and is definitely worth a try!


  • Travel friendly
  • The Get-Winged eyeliner has a unique applicator which makes achieving winged liner look in no time
  • Dark black pigmentation
  • Easily available
  • The rubber grip makes application very easy
  • Pretty packaging


  • The felt-tip liner gets blunt after several uses
  • Very thin and liquidy formula that gets in fine lines around the eyes while application, especially if you hold it in one place for longer (like sketch pens, I hope you get the intensity)

PRICE: INR 450/- each for 1 mL of the product




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