NYX COLOR CORRECTING PALETTE – Conceal, Correct, Contour Palette

NYX COLOR CORRECTING PALETTE REVIEWPackaging: The colour correcting and concealing palette comes in a sturdy brown case with flip-open see-through lid. There are 6 shades in total, neatly arranged to fit in a compact sized case. It can easily be carried around in your handbag, but application on-the-go can be a bit messy if you don’t have a lip brush, as no applicator is provided.

Texture: The concealers are very creamy and glide on the skin easily. You can easily blend it out without making it look patchy or lumpy.

Shade: The 6 shades don’t really have a name; only the palette is named ‘Medium’. The shades vary from light browns to deep ones along with yellow and pink colour correcting concealers.

NYX COLOR CORRECTING PALETTE REVIEWHow I use and staying power: There are 4 shades in this range, one palette contains green, yellow, lavender etc. shades to hide major skin imperfections like acne, dark spots, dark circles etc. while the other 3 palettes have more browns to correct skin tones and under eye circles along with shades of yellow and pinks to hide or blur out under eye puffiness. I use the browns to conceal dark spots and acne if any and the darkest brown shade to contour areas on face. Yellow is used to blur out eye puffiness; I don’t use the pink shade since it is used for hiding eye puffiness on fair skin. Since there is no applicator provided, I use my concealer face brush from real techniques to apply the product on skin and PAC mini beauty blender to blend it into the skin.

NYX COLOR CORRECTING PALETTE REVIEWThey look a bit shiny on skin so a setting powder is a must! I usually use my foundation over it and set everything with a powder. It does not make your skin look shiny or oily once you have properly set it and the effect last until you remove it all with a makeup remover; shall work this way for all skin types. Overall, a great concealer that does its job well.



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