PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: What the brand says: Step up to the mic and dazzle the crowd with your bold tones. Each Rocker Chic Palette features five vibrant eye shadows you can use to take any look from soft to dramatic. Get ready for every gig with your favorite studded colour collection.



 The eyeshadow palette comes in a pretty looking black and golden packaging with magnetic closure. The palette has leather like texture and has a stunning rocker look due to the attached copper-like spike studs. Each palette contains 5 eye shadows.


 The matte eye shadows are very soft and smooth while the shimmery ones feel a bit rough when you swatch. Nevertheless, they all blend easily and readily.


 I got the palette in ‘ Tainted Love’ which contains 1 greyish white shade, 1 matte royal blue shade, 1 cranberry shimmery shade, 1 olive green shimmery shade and 1 pearl baby pink shimmery shade. All the shades are very pigmented, especially the matte one!

How to use and staying power:

You can mix up all the shades to create a colourful smokey eye or use them individually. I am yet to experiment with mixing up all shades, but I loved how good they individually look! The greyish white shade is supposed to be used as a base (As told to me by the lady at NYX store). The royal blue, olive green and pearl baby pink look exactly the same on lids but cranberry shade does not look as pigmented. I always wanted a cranberry shade and was excited when I got this palette, but I am very disappointed how the cranberry shade turned out. Rest all the shades are amazing and I love them!

The eye shadows do not fade even a bit and stay intact all day long. The fallout is always there with any eye shadow while you apply, so I always do the eye makeup first and then the face makeup.

Expert tip: You can use the pearl baby pink shimmery shade as a highlighter too.



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