What the brand says: Give your hair a reinvigorating massage of Patanjali Almond Hair Oil 100ml, which strengthens your hair cuticles conditioning them to perfection. It nourishes and strengthens hair reducing your hair fall. It is made of 100% natural ingredients.

Packaging: The almond oil comes in a transparent lightweight plastic bottle with a brown flip open cap. I was expecting the bottle to get oily overtime like the usual oil bottles but it remained clean and oil-free, thanks to the classic leak-proof packaging.

Texture: The oil is said to be made with 100% natural ingred8ients and is not just 100% almond oil. 100% almond oil generally is lightweight and sinks into the skin, but this one being mixed with other ingredients like sesame oil, turmeric, indian gooseberry etc. is a bit heavy and greasy.

Fragrance:  The oil has an unusual smell, not sweet or pungent either; cannot really relate to anything and I am not a big fan of the fragrance!

How to use and after-effects: Since the oil is not pure almond oil, you cannot really use it for skin or for consumption (do not consume this please, it is not edible!). They have clearly mentioned it on the pack that this is a hair oil. Pure almond oil actually is very lightweight, multipurpose, safe for consumption and is expensive. I was amazed when I saw Patanjali almond oil claiming to be 100% natural that too for such a cheap price.

The oil is very greasy when applied on the hair so you HAVE TO shampoo it out since you cannot leave it as it is (and if you don’t use shampoo like me, it is going to be a greasy mess!). Since it is hair oil, I was not really sure if it can be used for face but since I had to review, I thought of trying that out just to see how that works considering it has all the great natural ingredients mentioned. I massaged my face with it for 3-4 minutes and it made my skin oily and was difficult to wash it out completely. Finally I used micellar water just to be sure to get every bit of oil removed. Skin did feel smooth but that can be as a result of massaging too. So, do not use it on face since it is hair oil.

Now coming to the effects on hair, it does make hair soft and smooth but the results are not extraordinary. You won’t actually see any visible difference in dandruff or hair fall. I feel Bajaj almonds drops work better than this one. This is a just a regular hair oil, nothing special about it.


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