A unique blend of chandan and kesar with aloe vera gel provides anti-oxidant and nourishment properties, which makes the complexion free from roughness and dullness. Also helps to control sunburn, tanning, dark spots and pigmentation.

Packaging:  The gel comes in a transparent tube similar to aloe vera gel from the same brand. The tube is of good quality and flip open cap fits tightly. Nozzle dispenses the required quantity without spillage.

Texture: The product is actually a gel which gets absorbed in the skin readily without any greasy feeling. Infact, you won’t feel anything at all once it dries.

Shade: The aloe vera gel from this brand is green in colour while this one is yellow since it contains kesar chandan.

Fragrance: The gel smells purely of chandan which is not overpowering and won’t bother sensitive noses.

How i use and after-effects:  

This gel is a multipurpose product that can be used as a moisturizer, spot treatment, night cream, acne treatment, massage gel etc. I have used this product in every possible way. When you use it as a moisturizer, it instantly hydrates and cools your skin. This is great for oily skin but the moisturization and hydration won’t be enough for dry skin. When using as a night treatment, you need to apply a thick layer on your skin as a face mask and wash it off in the morning. The gel when  applied liberally forms a sticky layer on the skin and does not completely get absorbed.

Now coming to the after-effects, the product makes your skin soft and supple. Gives a nice cooling effect to the skin hence can treat sunburn, hydrates your skin instantly and makes skin less oily. That is it; do not expect anything more than that. It certainly does nothing to the acne, texture of skin or fairness. This is a decent product that can be used for hydration and cooling effect especially for oily skin.

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Travel friendly
Easy to use
Little goes a long way
Hydrates skin
Suits oily skin
Cools the skin
Makes skin soft and supple
Controls oiliness
Does not make skin fair
Does not reduce acne
Will not moisturize dry skin
Forms a sticky layer when used as a night mask
This is a decent product like I said that only hydrates your oily skin and gives it a nice fresh and cooling effect. It can also be used in various diy face masks. It is not a miraculous product.
Content Editor at Surabhi Pisal is a Microbiologist who found love in blogging and writing little reviews.


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