What the brand says: For the first time in India! The hydrating power of Vitamin E is boosted by a dozen potent plant nutrients, to provide unmatched hydration and nourishment to dry & damaged skin. The result: bouncy, hydrated skin that exudes a happy, dewy radiance.

Contains vitamin E, jojoba, calendula flower extract, kokum butter, grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil and many other natural ingredients that have antioxidant properties. These ingredients help repair dry and damaged skin and repair it from within giving a moisturized and glowing face. Specifically made for normal, dry and very dry skin.


 The cream comes in a sturdy glass jar. The cream is secured in the jar with a plastic lid below the screw-cap. Overall, the packaging is travel friendly.


 The cream is not very thick and feels like gel. When applied, spreads easily but take some time to get absorbed in my combination skin leaving behind a dewy non-greasy finish (This cannot be a con since the cream is specifically made for dry skin). This cream is specifically made for normal to dry and very dry skin, but my skin tends to get flaky and dry during winters especially around the mouth and on cheeks, so this is perfect.


 The fragrance of this cream reminds me of Nivea creams. The fragrance is mild though.


 To use, wash your face with a gentle face wash first; use a cream based face wash if you have very dry skin. Pat dry and while your face is still damp, dot your face with the cream and gently massage your face in the upward-outward circular motion. On super dry face, the cream literally sinks in just a matter of few seconds, but on normal, combination and oily skin, it does take few minutes to get absorbed leaving behind a dewy non-greasy finish. I don’t really like the feel of this cream on my combination skin since I prefer matte finish but it feels very soothing on the dry patches and makes my skin super-healthy after I wash it off in few hours. It treats dry patches and keeps your skin moisturized. For dry skin, this cream will do wonders!

I have tried using this cream in several ways, and it works amazing:

As a night treatment: Apply a generous layer on your face and massage for few minutes. If it gets absorbed, apply some more and massage. Let the cream residue sit on your face and go to sleep. You will wake up to healthy, plump and glowing face!

As a massaging cream: If you like doing home facials (or you can take it to the salon, nobody will stop you!), this cream can be used as a massaging cream. It will not only help you get rid of dead skin cells, but the massaging action will put more beneficial ingredients into your skin, plus your skin will be moisturized and soft.

As face mask: If you want to smooth and moisturize your dry skin, treat dry patches on combination/oily skin or just add a nice glow to your normal face, apply a generous amount of this cream on your face and let it sit for 30 minutes. Massage after 30 minutes and wipe off the excess. You can let it be as it is or wash off if you wish.

I love using this cream in a variety of ways rather than just a day/night cream. If you are having a hard time searching a natural product to treat your winter skin or cream to make your normal skin soft, this is the one you should definitely try.


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