PLUM FLIP TIP SHARPENERWhat the brand says: German-made precision sharpener that’s 100% mess-free. Reduces tip breakage & wastage of your precious pencils. You can choose between rounded or sharp tip by using the in-built tip selector. Comes enclosed in a tight fitting cover to keep your purse free of sharpening debris and also contains a neatly tucked away cleaning stick for hassle-free maintenance.

PLUM FLIP TIP SHARPENERPackaging: The sharpener comes enclosed in a very cute cover that can be used to store your sharpener. The sharpener has an in-built selector button that lets you choose between pointed and blunt tip. Also, there is a cleaning stick attached at the bottom of the sharpener that can be used to clean the blades off debris.


How I use and my views:

The sharpener is very easy to use and does not need a lot of pressure while sharpening your pencil. Simply flip the button for pointed or blunt tip and sharp your pencil. The pencil sharpens very smoothly and does not create a mess.  The cleaning stick can be used to clean away the kajal debris and toss the sharpener in the cover. You are done! As easy as I thought it would be. Besides, this sharpener will fit a lot of pencils as it has the standard size and is very cheap and totally worth it!


  • Travel friendly
  • Cute packaging
  • Can be used to obtain a blunt end as well as pointed end
  • Comes with a cleaning stick
  • Outer cover prevents the kohl debris from creating a mess in your bag
  • Inexpensive and a great value for money


  • None




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