What the brand says: These multi functional miracle blotting cushions create a smooth and mattified finish. Has a soft, flexible foam contours to features. The cushions are latex-free and can be used for both liquid foundations and cushion foundations.

REAL TECHNIQUES MIRACLE BLOTTING CUSHIONS Packaging: The cushions comes in a plastic moulded case. You can take one out to use (out of the 4) and keep the rest in the packet since you need to change the cushion every 1-3 months depending on the usage. The cushions are very thin so you can easily carry them around!

Texture: The blotting cushions are made up of the same material as that of cushion applicators that come with cushion foundations. The blotting cushions are very soft and since they are thin, they reach every corner on the face.

REAL TECHNIQUES MIRACLE BLOTTING CUSHIONS How I use and staying power: The blotting cushions can be used in multiple ways. You can use it dry as a foundation applicator for liquid and cushion foundations. Carry this around with you to blot excess oil throughout the day. You can also use this to touch up your translucent powder.

I have been using the Beauty Blender sponge since a really long time. The only thing that got me irritated was to wash it after every use and wet it before every application; also it takes 1 minute or so for your foundation to dry on face and set matte. The Real Techniques miracle blotting cushions can be used dry and I am really happy about it! also, they work great and are super quick in blending your foundation! No streaks nothing, just flawless and quick application. I simply dot my face with the liquid foundation and use this to blend that in with gentle taps all over the face; it takes less than a minute! Also, because it is thin, you can reach corners of your nose, under eyes etc. very easily and your foundation looks even all over the face. A great thing about this blotting cushion is that, it sets the foundation matte and in a thin and even layer that looks natural! If you are used to regular beauty blender or sponges, you might feel a bit weird to use this since it is thin and won’t provide much grip while application; but with time you will get used to it. I do not wash this after every use, I do so once every 4-5 uses just to remove the foundation from cushion and to keep it bacteria-free.



  • You get 4 pieces!
  • Can be used as a foundation blender, to blot excess shine and set your makeup with a translucent powder
  • Easy to carry around
  • Can be used with cushion foundations too
  • Reach every corner of the face
  • Inexpensive
  • You do not need to struggle washing it after every use or before using it


  • Not easily available in India





PRICE: INR 500/-



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