PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: What the brand says: You can’t help but Love Her Madly, when she walks next to you in the utmost sophistication. Revlon’s Love Her Madly Perfumed Body Spray is packed with floral goodness to bring out the delicate feminine side of every woman. Has a long lasting fragrance that has hints of Bulgarian rose.

REVLON LOVE HER MADLY PERFUMED BODY SPRAY REVIEWPackaging: The deodorant comes in a usual deodorant can. This one is pink in colour and looks quite pretty.

Texture: The deodorant does not feel sticky at all or stain your clothes.

Fragrance: The fragrance is something I cannot quite describe! It is neither sweet not musky. It smells more like men’s deodorants and I hate it!

How to use and after-effects: After bath and before going out anywhere, simply use it to make sure you smell fresh. Hold the can approximately 15 cms away from the armpits and spray. The deodorant forms a watery layer which dries in no time. The scent stays all day long but it certainly does not control perspiration in any way. If you perspire more than usual, the scent would smell even weird and you can totally understand how beautiful you would feel in that situation!

I do not like this deodorant at all, just that it stays all day long (if you like the smell this would be a pro for you, but I don’t think many would like the fragrance!) and does not stain your clothes.

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Travel friendly
The deodorant does not feel sticky at all or stain your clothes
Long-lasting scent
Attractive packaging
Smells more like men's deodorant
I do not like the smell at all!
If you like spinz deodorants, this might work for you. I don’t quite like deodorants that smell like men’s products so I do not recommend it to ones who like more girly, sweet or floral fragrances.
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