What the brand says: The silicon sponge blends in the foundation and any other liquid makeup product flawlessly without any wastage.  Does not soak in any product thus very little of your foundation/primer goes a long way.

SILISPONGE APPLICATOR REVIEWPackaging: The silisponge came in a transparent zip lock bag. The applicator is very smooth and elastic and also light weight that makes it easy to carry anywhere we want.

Texture: The silisponge feels just like silicon and is soft to touch.

Fragrance: I wasn’t expecting this to have any fragrance because after all, its a beauty tool. The applicator does have a weird plastic smell (or silicon smell) which I do not like.

SILISPONGE APPLICATOR REVIEWHow I use and staying power: To use, you need to put few drops of your makeup product on the flat surface of silisponge and start tapping all over the face until you feel that you have covered enough. You may take some more product and continue if any areas are left bare.

I have always used a beauty sponge from PAC (got a beauty blender recently which I now use and love) and using a silisponge was a totally different experience. Only few drops of my foundation was enough to cover the entire face and it did give good coverage which is great. trust me, these are the only 2 positive points with this applicator! The application goes on really patchy and I always had the urge to drag the product all over my face with the applicator instead of tapping because it took forever to blend and looked patchy even after I was done. I used my setting powder with hopes to correct the finish but in vain. I feel the sponge applicators work the best and this silicon applicator is a total thumbs down for me!



  • Travel friendly
  • Little product is needed
  • Easy to wash/clean
  • Inexpensive as compared to beauty sponges
  • Gives good coverage when used with foundation


  • Gives a patchy finish
  • Takes a very long time to blend
  • Product stays as a thick layer on the skin
  • Not easily available





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