DETANGLING BRUSHPackaging: The brush comes in a transparent box. The brush has a protective cover that keeps the bristles clean and dust-free. The hello kitty collection comes in various colours, but I got the pink and white one which looks quite girly.

Texture: The brush is made up of plastic and the bristles are very soft and bend easily, this makes it a gentle de-tangler.

DETANGLING BRUSHHow I use and after-effects:

 I don’t use comb usually, but I do use a wide toothed comb in the shower to detangle my hair. I wanted a good detangler that won’t cause any breakage and would be gently on my hair and tangle teezer was the best thing that I could use. I tried using it in the shower on wet hair, and there was negligible hair breakage! When I was done, I felt the hairbrush has gone heavier and realized that it was filled with water and it took 2 days to completely dry it up. So, do not use this in the shower but it works amazing on towel dried hair! My hair feels no pain while detangling and it works very fast. I usually tie a bun until my hair dries for those natural curls and this is the reason I never use comb once my hair is dried up and curled that way, but just to test, I use it on my hair and oh my my, it retained all the curls! It made my hair smoother and the curls looked well defined. I tried using it on my bangs and it made it look straight. I love this brush and it is perfect to be used on towel dried hair.


  • Travel friendly
  • Pretty packaging
  • Gently detangles hair
  • Makes hair smooth and frizz-free
  • Can be used on towel-dried hair
  • Perfect shape for easy grip
  • Retains the curls


  • Expensive



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