THE BODY SHOP Drops of Youth Liquid Peel Review

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION – The NEW Drops of Youth™ Youth Liquid Peel exfoliates and gently peels off impurities from your skin, lifting dead skin cells and residuals. This revolutionary gel-to-peel leaves skin clean and purified from the day’s pollutants. Continued use will leave a fresh, smoother and more luminous youthful-looking skin.

THE BODY SHOP Drops of Youth Liquid Peel

The Youth Liquid Peel comes in a bright green pump bottle, similar to a facial cleanser. It’s meant to be used after cleansing or makeup removal on dry skin.

How To use: It is your basic liquid peel, where you apply to clean and dry skin. Rub the peel gently into your skin in circular motion and it begins to ball up and exfoliate any dead skin cells.

The first time I used I didn’t like it as the problem I had was that once it balls up, it stays stuck to my skin and some would just stay stuck to the skin like glue. But I loved the way my skin felt after and the next morning my skin was super smooth. The trick is to move fast when rubbing and as soon as it starts to peel then rinse off.

THE BODY SHOP Drops of Youth Liquid PeelIt didn’t irritate my skin at all and is gentler than using a scrub. You can literally see the dead skin on your fingertips as you rub the product into your skin and WOW the feeling after is amazing. My skin felt amazingly soft and smooth.  Every time I use the peel leaves my skin looking smoother and my makeup looks more smooth. However, I should mention that it does contain alcohol on the ingredient list, so if you’re sensitive to alcohol, you might want to avoid this product.


Softens Skin
Smoother Skin


Contains Alcohol

Price: 1995 for 145 ml 



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