What the brand says: Introducing this season’s hottest lip color trend, Matte Lip Liquid. These creamy Matte Lip Liquid provides intense color and a soft-matte finish. The non-drying formula provides the perfect way to comfortably wear a bold matte lip this holiday season. Our Matte Lip Liquids are 100% vegetarian and have a beautiful velvety-soft matte finish with a  fragrance.


Packaging: Liquid lipsticks come in a tube form with a matte screw cap bearing a wand attached to it on the inside. The doe applicator is easy to use and the product is travel friendly.

Texture: The lipsticks are very creamy and glides on the lips like a gloss would but settles into a matte finish with velvety feel.

Shade: There are a total of 12 shades in the range and here is a summary on each-

Paris Peony: This is a proper pink shade, not brighter or lighter, just perfectly pink. Should suit all skin tones.

Crete Carnation: This is a beautiful nude shade with a touch of pink to it. Should suit all skin tones.

Sydney Amaryllis: This is a reddish-orange shade which looks almost red on the lips.

Nairobi Camellia: This is a light mauve-pink shade and is perfect for every day use. Will suit all skin tones.

Taipei Orchid: This is a very light pink or barbie pink and might look frosty on darker or dusky skin tones. Will look beautiful on fairer and medium skin tones; i love this shade!

Cali Gerbera: This is a light neon-orange shade which I seem to love too. Would not suit darker skin tones but will go well with fair to medium skin tones.

Goa Magnolia: This is a beautiful purple shade which I absolutely love and is my favorite from the range. It looks pure deep purple and would suit almost any skin tone. Great for occasions as well as for usual outings.

Tokyo Lotus: This is a neon pink shade and looks beautiful on fair to medium skin tones. Might look too bright on dusky or darker skin tones.

Tahiti Hibiscus: This shade is a perfect red even though it looks deep maroon in the tube. Would go well with all skin tones.

Sicily Iris: This is a dark and deep burgundy shade just like Mac ariana grande lipstick.

Windsor Rose: This is a pure nude shade with no pink undertones. Looks as if you have not applied anything on your lips (fair and medium skin tones) making them look natural and flawless. Might look frosty on darker and dusky skin tones.

Mauritius Dahlia: This too is a dark burgundy shade but a bit lighter than that ‘Sicily Iris’ and will suit fair-medium skin tones.

Fragrance: The liquid lipsticks have a pleasant sweet smell which i love.

(L-R) Cali Garbera, Crete Carnation, Tokyo Lotus, Taipei Orchid, Sydney Amaryllis, Windsor Rose, Paris Peony, Nairobi Camellia, Goa Magnolia, Tahiti Hibiscus, Mauritius Dahlia, Sicily Iris.

How I use and staying power: To use, just swipe the wand multiple times on the lips and you are done! Layer if needed.

The lipsticks, if you see, are quite similar to Miss Claire or Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams but when you use, you realize they are not the same! It goes on very smooth and glides like a gloss on the lips. The creamy texture takes approx 3-4 minutes to settle into a matte finish with velvety feel completely. It feels really comfortable on the lips and is not drying at all. Lips feel moisturized even with the matte layer of lipstick! It transfers only if you rub it hard or eat anything oily. Otherwise, it stays as-it-is all day long. If you eat heavy meals, it does fade from the center but looks good; you can always reapply if you want a pigmented stain. Even if the lipsticks transfer the least, they still are easy to remove with a wet cloth or with a makeup remover. Overall these lipsticks are great and I love them!


  • Feel comfortable on the lips
  • Does not dry out the lips
  • All shades are lovely
  • Cruelty-free
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Does not readily transfer



  • Takes time to settle into a matte finish
  • Fades after heavy or oily meals
  • Needs layering for opaque and dark colour.



PRICE: INR 695 each



  1. Im gonna buy Body Shop matte lip liquid. And your review is so good and highly recommended. Thanks heaps bae.

  2. Well, this lip liquid live it up with its name! It easy to apply on lip, and feels soft after wearing it. After it become matte, my lip feels like i don’t wear anything on my lip. Totally worth it! Finally I found my holy Grail of lip liquid!! So for now I can settle down and enjoying my fun day with this lip liquid. Btw I use Nairobi Camellia and for me i love this shade. And now I looking forward to try another shade of these lip liquids 😉


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