What the brand says: Charcoal powder is an ancient Asian beauty secret proven to draw out impurities from the skin, up to thousands of times its own mass. It has traditionally been used to draw out tensions from the mind too, de-stressing and calming. Use this purifying body clay as part of your relaxing ritual when you’re in need of a fast-track to tranquility.

himalayan-charcoal-body-clayPackaging: The body clay comes in a luxurious brown and golden coloured tube with a subtle shine to it. It has a black coloured flip-open cap which is matte and has a perfectly sized nozzle. Overall the tube looks great and is travel friendly.

Texture: The charcoal body clay looks and feels like usual clay mask but spreads and dries super easily. Little quantity goes a long way.

Fragrance: I really love the smell of this body mask. It is sweet and minty.
The fragrance seems familiar to me but I don’t really remember where I have smelled this before.

THE BODY SHOP SPA OF THE WORLDHow I use and after-effects: This is a body mask and supposed to be used just like a face mask, but on body. I use this at the end of my bath- apply all over the body and wash off after 10 minutes. You would experience a cool minty feeling once it starts drying which refreshes you inside out, like detoxing. After washing it out, skin feels very soft and cleansed. You cannot really see any difference from the first use, so you have to use it religiously like once or twice a week. If you have backne or body acne, it will heal it completely. I don’t have body acne but I do get bumps when hair starts growing few weeks after waxing and it has really helped me prevent those nasty bumps. Also, make sure you apply a thin layer of this mask or it will take forever to dry on your damp skin and  it will be even tougher to wash it off especially from the back where your hand doesn’t reach properly. Skin feels cool, cleansed and clarified, prevents inflammation after waxing and also prevents bumps and body acne if you have any.

They have mentioned on the pack to not use this on face but curious as I am, applied this on my face as well just to see how it feels. It did not really do anything (strange!) but just made my skin feel cool, refreshed and squeaky clean. I did not make my facial skin soft like it did to my body. This cannot be a con anyways since they have clearly mentioned on the pack to not use it on the face.


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