The Butternut Co. was born out of curiosity, experiments and a firm desire to create good food. The brand makes all kinds of nut butters using just 100% natural ingredients and also have different varieties apart from being just nut butters. you may visit the site here >>


Packaging: The butters comes in a sturdy plastic jar with a plastic screw lid which is then packed using a jute cloth. You can remove the jute cloth and use the jar as it is.

Texture: Peanut butter as you open might see separated layers; simply mix it up using a spoon and your creamy and spreadable peanut butter is ready. Almond butter was creamy already and not as thick as the peanut butter maybe because it was cinnamon flavored (i.e. contained more ingredients).

THE BUTTERNUT CO. BUTTERS REVIEWHow I like the butters: Starting off with the honey peanut butter, it tasted great! even tastier than what you find commercially in markets. Peanut butters that you usually find tend to be really hard and they readily melt when you put it on hot toast but this one was already soft and creamy and did not readily melt on the hot toast. This means that the butter did not contain any hydrogenated oils or butters. I ordered the honey variant but trust me, it is wasn’t overly sweet and you wont regret having this since it does not contain sugar.

Now coming to the cinnamon almond butter, it tasted purely of cinnamon with a nutty after- taste which I loved. Cinnamon is great for weight loss and hence I wanted to get hold of this holiday collection jar (this flavour is still available though). The butter is soft and spreads like heaven on the toast. This one too does not contain sugar but honey (rather none of the butters from this brand contain sugar!). Tastes like heaven and i loved this one the most.

The butters can be added in smoothies, desserts, ice cream, cakes etc. Or if you want a healthy after-gym snack, these protein rich butters on a freshly grilled toast are the best- that’s what I do. Its been approx. 1 month and I have already finished both the jars along with my brother munching on it too. I only wished they lasted long but the quantity is perfect, its just that I needed this almost everyday as a protein source after-gym. The butters are great and I loved them.


  • Pretty packaging
  • Amazing creamy texture
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Contains no added sugar
  • Tastes great!
  • Flavours available so you wont get bored of eating the same thing!
  • Inexpensive keeping in mind the best quality natural ingredients are used







PRICE: Cinnamon Honey Almond Butter: INR 450
Honey Peanut Butter: INR 250



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