What the brand says: Go from zero to sexy with this new all-in-one palette from theBalm! Now you can hit the road with quick and easy combinations that will drive anyone wild. Autobalm Hawaii contains a blush, highlighter, and two multitasking shadows all in a travel-friendly compact that allows you to map out the perfect look for any occasion.


Packaging: The product comes in a carton case with magnetic closure characteristic of all thebalm palettes. The palette contains a blush, 2 eyeshadows and a highlighter.

Texture: The blush, eyeshadows and highlighters are all pressed powders and easy to blend into the skin. One eyeshadow is a bit shimmery but does not contain chunky glitters.

THEBALM AUTOBALM FACE PALETTE Shade: The blush is a pretty barbie pink, is pigmented and will suit all skin tones. The highlighter is like a pressed compact powder and is not shimmery at all. One eyeshadow is a deep olive shade with subtle shimmer to it and the other is deep purple and both the shades compliment each other very well.

THEBALM AUTOBALM FACE PALETTE How I use and staying power: The blush is supposed to be used as a blush but you can use it as an eye shadow too. The eye shadows can be used to create a gradient shade or simply can be used for making a purple-olive smokey eye look. The highlighter does not have any shimmer nor does it have any ability to add glow to your eyebrow bone or cheeks! The highlighter totally fails but the eye shadows and blush are well pigmented and have a smooth texture that is easy to blend. The blush tends to fade after 2-3 hours and the eye shadows fade near the lines on lids which can look a bit weird when you close your eyes or blink frequently. This might be due to humid weather, I think; but none of my other eye shadows have ever settled or faded near the lid lines. The good thing about the eye shadows is that they have minimal fallout even after being powdery. Overall, a decent product that contains variety of things in one palette and can be used on the go provided you carry an applicator.



  • Travel friendly
  • Easy to use on-the-go provided you have an applicator as it is not provided
  • Blush and eyeshadows are well pigmented
  • Eyeshadows have minimal fallout
  • Will suit all skin types and tones
  • Pretty barbie pink blush
  • Inexpensive considering the brand name and variety you get in one palette


  • Blush fades after few hours
  • The eyeshadows fade in the lid lines in humidity/hot weather after few hours
  • Highlighter is useless as it has no shimmer nor does it add any glow to your face






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